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Welcome, I’m Jenna Ward, founder of The School of Embodied Arts.

As a previously dis-connected, dis-embodied & incredibly un-magnetic woman (think hospital pharmacist!) – I’ve come to see that every woman is capable of tuning in & turning on her feminine gifts to create wild freedom in every area of her life – her body, her business & her bedroom.

Our School supports Women & Coaches to remember the sacredness of sensation. Through emotional empowerment & sensual embodiment, we’re about living & making decisions as our FULL selves.

We’d love to connect with you through our Primal Feminine Flow movement practices, group coaching in The Embodied Woman Program or professional training in our Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification.

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Orgasm. The potential & pleasure you didn’t learn about in School.

May 17, 2018

Orgasm. The potential & pleasure you didn’t learn about in School.

When we deepen our connection with our body, we can’t help but slowly (and surely) discover our sensuality. Enjoyment of our senses, pleasure in our bodies just because we are alive… But today’s guest takes sensuality to a whole new level. Today I’m speaking with Sofia Sundari, an international tantra teacher, and orgasm-pedia. I love sharing inspiring, embodied women with our community and Sofia is definitely one rare and embodied gem that’s a pleasure to listen to. In this delicious interview where we explore: + All the different types of orgasm (there are 4 or more that we talk about!) […]
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When you’ve lost the spark

May 9, 2018

When you’ve lost the spark

Stream Audio in New Window Dull, flat, depleted, dry, exhausted, nothing left to give.   When you’ve lost the spark life’s just about getting on with it, getting things done.   There is no pleasure, no sense of plump, juicy joy. We all go through seasons of losing the spark. But when these spark-less-season keep stretching on for days, weeks and months. When the dry and dull periods become so extended we can’t remember things being any other way. When the lack of pleasure extends so deeply it becomes our identity.  It can be hard to see the light and joy at the end […]
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Sept  2018  Coaching  Certification  Enrollment  Opens

May 4, 2018

Sept 2018 Coaching Certification Enrollment Opens

The world needs more embodied women. Which means the world needs more coaches, mentors, guides & leaders to show us the feminine way. The September 2018 class of the Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification has opened for enrollment! You’re invited to download the curriculum & apply at: WWW.JENNAWARD.CO/CERTIFICATION Feminine Embodiment Coaching is a profound modality of personal coaching that lets the body lead, by dropping clients in the currents of sensation and wisdom that exist within the temple of the body. In a snapshot, the certification is: + 6mth live training (+ 1mth break over Christmas/NY) + Online delivery – join from anywhere in the […]
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Embracing Body Image – The Embodied Way

May 2, 2018

Embracing Body Image – The Embodied Way

Stream Audio in New Window Which part of your body do you have trouble loving?   Your weight?   Your arms?   Your thighs?   Your tummy?   All of the above? For a big part of my life, I had trouble loving my skin. Specifically, I hated my acne and acne scars. But it’s not only acne I’ve had trouble loving. My tuck shop grandmother arms, as one boyfriend‘s friend put them, have been a tender spot. As has my overall weight and general lack-of-skinny-ness have troubled me more times than I can count. Almost all women, at some time, struggle to love their body. We […]
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  • For the past 6 months I have spent time and space with Jenna through her mentoring program, I came into this space nervous and scared of being vulnerable, Jenna created such a beautiful safe container for me to explore the depths of my body, stories and experiences of my past, present and future, this woman is such a gem, a total inspiration and it is such a blessing to have to offering herself fully and her skills in helping women like me and you to move through life with a deeper understanding of EVERYTHING! I have had so much growth and a new found openness to moving forward as my true authentic self! If you feel called to work with this woman jump on it, there is nothing more I could have asked for from our time together. Much Love to you Jenna xxx

    Emilee Matthews

  • “Jenna is magic and the perfect mentor to help you unleash all sorts of wild wonder. Working with her, I remember I’m a goddess who really can create whatever I desire, with speed and grace. She’s helped me up-level and transform my life and business, in the most embodied, sensual and feminine way.”

    Melissa Sandon Soul Leader + Energy Medicine Teacher |

  • Jenna is a beautiful balance of being a powerful force yet gentle and loving – there was not a moment that I didn’t feel safe or worthy of anything more than best in her presence.

    With the support of Jenna as my mentor, I was able to break through patterns that had intertwined their way through relationships and business, and have me come out the other side with a level of confidence and clarity that I hadn’t known for years.

    Ruby Marsh Coach, Speaker + Writer