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Welcome, I’m Jenna Ward, founder of The School of Embodied Arts.

As a previously dis-connected, dis-embodied & incredibly un-magnetic woman (think hospital pharmacist!) – I’ve come to see that every woman is capable of tuning in & turning on her feminine gifts to create wild freedom in every area of her life – her body, her business & her bedroom.

Our School supports Women & Coaches to remember the sacredness of sensation. Through emotional empowerment & sensual embodiment, we’re about living & making decisions as our FULL selves.

We’d love to connect with you through our Primal Feminine Flow movement practices, group coaching in The Embodied Woman Program or professional training in our Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification.

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What is a Feminine Leadership Mastermind?

November 7, 2019

What is a Feminine Leadership Mastermind?

Listen on iTunes | Listen on Spotify | Subscribe to the Podcast A Feminine Leadership Mastermind is, in short…   A collective of creative business women coming together regularly. Aligning the masculine & strategic doing of their passion-based work with feminine feeling depth.   To actualize the leader within more fully & create success in sustainable & magnetic ways. Unsure if this might be for you. Well, let’s start with this question. Warning, it’s going to sound totally cliché, but stick with me here… Is there a sense of untapped capacity within you? A capacity for MORE. MORE of everything. […]
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How to create a thriving Feminine Economy in Your Business

October 14, 2019

How to create a thriving Feminine Economy in Your Business

Listen on iTunes | Listen on Spotify | Subscribe to the Podcast As a creative, leader, entrepreneur, or in a position of leadership, it’s no easy feat to navigate & run a business. You might already have a wonderful skillset as a coach, practitioner or creative – but the skill set of an entrepreneur is an entirely new ball game. Honestly, I didn’t really consider that becoming a mentor & coach meant that I (most likely) needed to also become an entrepreneur. But here we are. A team of 7, myself included, work with our School doing (what we believe) […]
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[GUEST POST] Motherhood: Leading from the Shadows

October 10, 2019

[GUEST POST] Motherhood: Leading from the Shadows

Listen on iTunes | Listen on Spotify | Subscribe to the Podcast INTRODUCING KATE LEIPER Kate is a Psychotherapist & Feminine Embodiment Coach & a beloved Teacher for the School of Embodied Arts. We so hope you enjoy her beautiful blog x Jenna My eldest girl is a firecracker. She takes no prisoners and tells it as she sees it. We learned very early however that her impassioned exterior houses a deeply sensitive and attuned soul. Now, as she’s about to turn 6 years old, I’ve learned that mothering her is a gift. She shows me how to feel and […]
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  • For the past 6 months I have spent time and space with Jenna through her mentoring program, I came into this space nervous and scared of being vulnerable, Jenna created such a beautiful safe container for me to explore the depths of my body, stories and experiences of my past, present and future, this woman is such a gem, a total inspiration and it is such a blessing to have to offering herself fully and her skills in helping women like me and you to move through life with a deeper understanding of EVERYTHING! I have had so much growth and a new found openness to moving forward as my true authentic self! If you feel called to work with this woman jump on it, there is nothing more I could have asked for from our time together. Much Love to you Jenna xxx

    Emilee Matthews

  • “Jenna is magic and the perfect mentor to help you unleash all sorts of wild wonder. Working with her, I remember I’m a goddess who really can create whatever I desire, with speed and grace. She’s helped me up-level and transform my life and business, in the most embodied, sensual and feminine way.”

    Melissa Sandon Soul Leader + Energy Medicine Teacher |

  • Jenna is a beautiful balance of being a powerful force yet gentle and loving – there was not a moment that I didn’t feel safe or worthy of anything more than best in her presence.

    With the support of Jenna as my mentor, I was able to break through patterns that had intertwined their way through relationships and business, and have me come out the other side with a level of confidence and clarity that I hadn’t known for years.

    Ruby Marsh Coach, Speaker + Writer