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Welcome, I’m Jenna Ward, founder of The Embodied Woman. As a previously dis-connected, dis-embodied & incredibly un-magnetic woman (think hospital pharmacist!) – I’ve come to see that every woman is capable of tuning in & turning on her feminine gifts to create wild freedom in every area of her life – her body, her business & her bedroom.

I support, teach & guide women to un-tap their magnetic potential, awaken their sensual souls & create lifestyles of rich freedom using my signature Feminine Magnetism Formula & Primal Feminine Flow embodied movement practice.

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The Profound Truth Beneath Resistance

July 20, 2017

The Profound Truth Beneath Resistance

Earlier this week I jumped on Facebook to speak about RESISTANCE & what embodied women do about it. As we enter the second half of this year, it feels like many women in our community are stepping up in their commitment to themselves – and their desires – and that acceleration often tends to also heighten our resistance patterns along with it! [A necessary side effect, because it’s time to transcend those patterns for GOOD]. In Part 1 we explored what resistance truly is (it’s not just you self-sabotaging yourself, it’s a LOT deeper & more profound than that) and […]
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Pleasure = Netflix + Ice Cream [Embodied Pleasure Workshop]

June 27, 2017

Pleasure = Netflix + Ice Cream [Embodied Pleasure Workshop]

EMBODIED PLEASURE WORKSHOP Stream the audio in new window Do you ever feel too busy to practice pleasure?   I know I do.   The other week I was in this nasty habit of checking my phone before getting out of bed. Instant onslaught of demands, messages, obligations… my early morning momentum quickly derailed into the masculine overdrive – and I hadn’t even gotten dressed yet!  So many of us are in the habit of practicing fear/doubt/getting shit done… that we forget to practice pleasure.   It’s in these busy moments when it’s all too easy to get caught up in our masculine drive that, […]
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The Envy & Comparison Trap

June 21, 2017

The Envy & Comparison Trap

STREAM THE AUDIO Stream the Audio     Ever admired a woman, and felt a little (lot!) envious?   The comparison commentary starts running and you hear yourself critiquing and contrasting the way she… dresses, writes, lives her life, carries herself.   Perhaps around this time you notice you begin to feel deflated. The self-esteem starts to wobble, you begin to feel less than, and wonder if you’ll ever be that fabulous/intuitive/beautiful/embodied/poetic…?   Every woman knows what it’s like to feel envy & compare herself with other women. Seems it’s part of our feminine DNA…   So while it’s considered spiritually superior to ‘not judge’, let’s just cut the BS and acknowledge […]
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Anxiety of no known cause:  Why even the most spiritual women can be anxious

May 24, 2017

Anxiety of no known cause: Why even the most spiritual women can be anxious

STREAM THE AUDIO Download the Audio | Stream the Audio Do you ever wake up feeling unsettled? The day hasn’t begun yet. But something is wrong. It’s unclear exactly what is wrong. You can’t quite put your finger on it. But the more you awaken the more this subtle thread of feeling unsettled weaves its way into your mind. That was me this morning. And last night. This feeling of unsettled has been coming upon me, at times, for as long as I can recall. Perhaps throughout your day, in the most normal of moments, that unsettled sensation strikes you […]
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  • “Jenna is magic and the perfect mentor to help you unleash all sorts of wild wonder. Working with her, I remember I’m a goddess who really can create whatever I desire, with speed and grace. She’s helped me up-level and transform my life and business, in the most embodied, sensual and feminine way.”

    Melissa Sandon Soul Leader + Energy Medicine Teacher |

  • Jenna is a beautiful balance of being a powerful force yet gentle and loving – there was not a moment that I didn’t feel safe or worthy of anything more than best in her presence.

    With the support of Jenna as my mentor, I was able to break through patterns that had intertwined their way through relationships and business, and have me come out the other side with a level of confidence and clarity that I hadn’t known for years.

    Ruby Marsh Coach, Speaker + Writer