My 14 most influential truths, from 30 years (it’s my birthday!)

August 10, 2016


This Sunday is my birthday – I’m turning 30!

It’s a big milestone that I’m celebrating on the water, kayaking along the Spanish/Portuguese border feeling utterly blessed.

I wanted to write to you today with something really epic, some special bonus or gift. But no such thing arrived.

What I did feel called to share with you are the 14 most influential truths I’ve learned in my years (lifetime to date). So here they are…

  1. Once your soul wakes up, it’s never going to settle, you’re awake + your only option is to keep opening + keep expanding
  2. You are never going to arrive, so stop wasting time planning “how to get there”
  3. Your libido is a barometer for how much you desire YOURSELF
  4. Even when I don’t feel sexy, I’m a woman, which means my very nature is sensual
  5. The more I open my heart, the more emotional I feel, and this is a good thing
  6. It’s okay to disappoint everyone in your life if your heart says you have to. True self-love is having the courage to know that it’s your opinion that matters the most
  7. Vulnerability is the act of opening to all of yourself – your light, your dark, your beauty, your pain. Embodying ALL of you is the greatest pursuit in your life.
  8. Every single thing you can desire, dream or want already exists in the world – waiting for you to step up and claim it.
  9. No one does it alone. It takes a community and more support than you believe you can ask for to get you through (and you ARE worth the support, so ask for it)
  10. Those who truly love you will still support you, even when your idea sounds crazy!
  11. Every single action, situation or person in this world is worthy of forgiveness. No one and nothing is worth the energetic leak of you holding a grudge or frustration against.
  12. No matter what happens you can always make money. You’re a smart woman and there will always be a way to be warm, safe + loved.
  13. When everything else goes to shit – get back to nature. She is medicine.
  14. Imperfectly perfect. You are enough.

It is my birthday wish that you comment below and share with me:

  • Which truth are you learning to live by + embody right now?
  • Or is there one of your own you would like to share with me (please do! When we are green, we grow and I love to grow!)

I am so grateful for our beautiful community of embodied women (which you can join here) who are stepping to live + making decisions as the most soulful + sensual version of themselves possible.

Thank you for being here woman + thank you for being you. 

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