The holiday season really took its toll! Here’s my 2019 resolution….

January 2, 2019


If (like me) you’ve lost yourself over the holiday season & your new year needs a big infusion of getting back to YOU, then I’ve got just the suggestion….

The sincerest & empowering way to devote to YOU is to BE in your body & MOVE your body.

Embodied movement – a practice we call Primal Feminine Flow – is one powerful tool every woman can use (at home) to experience this deep devotion. 

This movement practice is not designed to burn calories…
But it works a treat for connecting you back into YOU.

My 2019 resolution is to commit to this practice of feminine devotion. Would you like to join me?

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I am the biggest fan of feminine devotional practices, because they work for me as a feeling, dynamic, creative woman. 

Over the years I’ve tried all kinds of other practices and found them wanting…

Moving in a masculine way often doesn’t suit my feminine nature. I once sat in meditation for 10-days straight & while it was life changing – but I just couldn’t stick to a long-term sitting-in-silence practice. 

Moving in a punishing way because there is something ‘wrong’ usually doesn’t feel particularly powerful….  

Moving yourself from a place of force is destined to be short-lived because it USES fuel, rather than tapping into the FUEL that exists within you – at the core of your being. 

If you’re ready for a flowing, dynamic, ready-to-suit-your-life practice that’s been described as a “magical tool” – come join us in Primal Feminine Flow. 

Apparently I’m not the only one crushing on it… “With this tool though in just one week since I’ve started using it, I can feel my juiciness is sparkling more and more inside, and it feels unapologetic and magical.” – PFF Student

>> Buy the at home PRIMAL FEMININE FLOW PRACTICE for $37


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