8 Rules for Success as a Woman, Coach & Leader

July 30, 2018


Welcome to Episode 4 of the Feminine Coaching Podcast!

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Over the past 7+ years, I’ve been cultivating a vault of personal nuggets of gold. Personal rules, standards & reminders that have made all the difference in my business.

  • When I’ve received criticism from others
  • When I’ve not been the most popular or visible in the space
  • When I’ve questioned, “am I really (really?!?!) meant to be doing this?”
  • When I’ve needed to ensure my integrity
  • When I’ve had to learn to do things ‘my way’

I’ve come back, time & time again, to these ‘rules’.

Now a warning: My rules won’t be YOUR rules (and they shouldn’t be). But they are an incredibly useful opportunity to reflect on your own path to success. Would love you to join me on this conversation on my 8 rules of success as a woman, coach & leader.


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