Something chaotic happens when your soul wakes up.

You simply can’t settle for a life of un-realized dreams or barely-there-passions any longer. It hurts too much to hide your true self + your deep purpose from yourself + from the world.

If you’re anything like me, you want days filled with passion & the feeling of freedom ripple through every moment.

I know these desires all too well. My own soul decided to awaken at the age of 23. I was a Pharmacist with professional dissatisfaction levels at an all-time high. My body was speaking to me with symptoms that conventional medicine couldn’t solve.

I began the search for more.

The search took me to some pretty wild places. Training in the ancient healing arts, mastering the energy medicine tool of Kinesiology, traveling to distant shores + questioning every single belief I had held as true.

I started my first business as Kinesiologist + watched it thrive. Yet I was still working hard – trying to find myself through a job, my business. Wanting to be seen + heard in an inspired way.

But realizing myself through the work that I did was an impossible equation to solve.

My soul was crying out for more life, more juice, more sensuality + vibrancy. And I was sitting in front of my computer trying to channel gold (clearly that wasn’t going to work).

A critical piece of the puzzle arrived one day when my sensual soul decided to arrive. She lit a flame in my body & demanded I not only pursue my purpose through my work – but also within me, realizing myself as a magnetic woman who could BE the purpose of her life.

This sensual siren lit a fire in my heart, and broke it open. Asking me to unleash my full radiance. Asking me to embrace my full magnetism. Asking me to embody the truth that exactly as I am – I am enough – and to live from that place.

And as I moved out of my head, and into my body, I embodied the deep sensual power of an awakened woman.

And everything began to transform.

My body began to feel more alive.
My experiences began to feel more sensual.
I began to make decisions that reflected my worth.
My business began to thrive.
New relationships appeared with absolute ease.

I became an Embodied Woman.

A woman who created with soul. A woman who lives authentically. A woman who desires herself. A woman who is turned on by life. A woman who knows her value, with every cell in her body.

I’m so honored to have received this gift + to be able to share it with others.

If you are called to design a life that turns you on, I invite you to connect with me, beauty. You can read more about my professional bio, qualifications + featured interviews over at my For The Media page.

But most importantly let’s explore your awakening sensual soul through my signature training The Embodied Woman – click here to find out how we can work & play together.


Big love woman,

  • If there is one teaching that a woman should experience it is The Embodied Woman teaching. I feel a profound shift in how I relate and connect with myself and with others around me. I experience life with so much more ease by practicing all the tools in this program. Being an embodied woman is the only way for me to live my life. I don’t want it any other way.

    Dian Rahmawati

  • “This woman is amazing and inspirational. I was so refreshed by her approach and her loving kindness. By our second week I was getting comments from friends that I was glowing and my partner suggested whatever I was doing don’t stop. My posture, confidence and how I held myself in the world was totally enhanced. Thanks Jenna, you rock lady.”

    Natalie Hill

  • “I’ve learned so much about myself since this course and I want to do it again. Jenna is absolutely thoughtful, insightful and soulful.  I love everything about this program. This is a necessary support tool for us to learn to be real and raw without judging ourselves.”

    Lyn Myers