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October 10, 2019

[GUEST POST] Motherhood: Leading from the Shadows

Listen on iTunes | Listen on Spotify | Subscribe to the Podcast INTRODUCING KATE LEIPER Kate is a Psychotherapist & Feminine Embodiment Coach & a beloved Teacher for the School of Embodied Arts. We so hope you enjoy her beautiful blog x Jenna My eldest girl is a firecracker. She takes no prisoners and tells it as she sees it. We learned very early however that her impassioned exterior houses a deeply sensitive and attuned soul. Now, as she’s about to turn 6 years old, I’ve learned that mothering her is a gift. She shows me how to feel and […]

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July 25, 2019

Do you tell little lies? Why lying to others makes it easy to lie to yourself

Listen on iTunes | Listen on Spotify | Subscribe to the Podcast Do you tell ‘harmless’ little lies? Are there some half-truths (or straight out lies) that still linger in your guilty conscious? Would you prefer to tell a little lie than express your truth if it meant having an awkward or uncomfortable conversation with another? Many of us know these little fibs as ‘white lies’ but I’m unclear if this term has white supremacist undercurrents (I suspect it does) so I’m going to refer to white lies as little-lies. Recently, there was a truth I really wanted to express […]

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July 18, 2019

Why we need to stop healing ourselves: A new paradigm for authentic modern spiritual woman

Listen on iTunes | Listen on Spotify | Subscribe to the Podcast Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of blocks, fears or resistances that arise as you step towards your dreams? The reoccurrence of doubt, lack, fear + criticism that you experience within, starts you thinking, “I’ve just got so much work to do on myself!” If you’ve ever felt discouraged by the never-ending cycle of healing that you seem to find yourself in – realize woman, you are not alone… This challenge, that there is so much more work to do on yourself and so much […]

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July 11, 2019

What is a feminine embodiment coaching session like?

Listen on iTunes | Listen on Spotify | Subscribe to the Podcast Over the years I’ve had the great joy of coaching hundreds of women using feminine embodiment coaching and honestly, no 2 sessions have been alike. But if you’ve ever wondered what actually happens inside a feminine embodiment coaching session, let me take you on a little journey down the rabbit hole…. #1 COACHING IS NOT ADVISING OR HAVING THE ANSWERS The first thing to know is that coaching is a partnership that’s based on powerful questions. Questions are like keys. They open doors & rooms that might previously have […]

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July 4, 2019

What is Feminine Embodiment?

Listen on iTunes | Listen on Spotify | Subscribe to the Podcast My husband is the sweetest. He is so proud of me & my work that he tries to explain what exactly what ‘feminine embodiment’ is to every other man & dog he meets on the street… Except, the ‘work’ I do isn’t particularly easy to explain… Or understand… So often he returns a little frustrated, asking me (yet again)… What exactly IS feminine embodiment? If you’ve felt the pull towards ‘embodiment’…. But don’t really ‘get’ what it is… Or if you’ve tried to explain what it is to […]

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