Do you feel called to empower others by guiding them into the emotional vulnerability & body-based truth?

If so, you’re one of us.
An important voice in the waking up of women’s bodies.
Remembering of power of pleasure & the sacredness of our sensation.

As a woman who’s walked the path & realized the super-power her feminine body truly is, it’s no surprise you’re called to turn this personal activation into a professional competency & freedom-rich lifestyle.

This is exactly why the Feminine Embodiment Coaching™ Certification was created.

We are the women who want depth, not only speed.
We desire to transcend the goal-setting, mind-based approach to coaching & life.
And to deepen right into your personal & professional mastery as an embodied woman


The Feminine Embodiment CoachingTM Certification is an internationally recognized, professional coaching training for women seeking to become a coach or expand their coaching skill set to include feminine embodiment presence, principles & practices.

Feminine Embodiment Coaching™ is a sensation-based style of coaching which lets the body lead.

At the heart of this inquiry is the multi-layered, inter-connected play of pleasure, purpose & power.

Over 6 months of professional training

you’ll learn the 3 core streams for competent coaching, the embodied way…



Understanding the deep physiological, hormonal, emotional & esoteric threads present in your client’s experience enables you provide the best care possible, with the confidence that it’s back by a clear & reproducible system that works.

The Theory Stream provide the relevant esoteric & scientific theory that underpin the modality so that students can feel knowledgeable, confident & resources. This stream includes:
+ Training Manual
+ Audio lectures
+ Q&A teaching calls
+ Open-book assessment


All the theory in the world doesn’t work if you can’t work with clients. In this practical & strategic stream you’ll learn our essential coaching framework AND how to improvise, detour and work your own brand of magic with your clients in a way that feels cohesive & most importantly, get’s your clients results.

The Coaching Stream is designed to support the ethical, practical & strategic growth of you as Coach through:
+ Training Manual
+ Implementation tools & guides
+ On Demand Audio lectures
+ Live Teaching Calls
+ Live Practice Pod Coaching Calls
+ Peer Practice Sessions
+ Coaching Case Example Demonstration Library
+ Open-book assessment


Guiding your clients from disconnect & feeling dis-embodied into empowered & empowered authentically requires that you’ve walked that path first. We can’t guide our clients where we haven’t walked – which is why your Personal Mastery Stream will take you deep & embed the confidence and embodied resonance you need to succeed.

The Personal Mastery Stream is designed to deeper the skills & depth of the practitioner through:
+ Guided Processes: Meditation & Movement
+ Worksheets
+ Practical competency assessment

“I am feeling more ready now to step into coaching than I have ever felt before, and it’s been something I’ve desired for a long time but never had the confidence in myself to do.”

Kim McKewan

“This journey has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have integrated Jenna’s tools into my own life and into my own path of embodiment in a very, very powerful way. And I’m also using these tools with my clients and I am seeing immediate, beautiful coaching results with every single client.

Hanne Lina Drott, Coach

“…it’s allowed me to see myself more clearly & gifted me with beautiful tools to move into deeper layers & parts of myself and shine those out into the world…. “

Alicia Bruce

“I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their coaching skills to the next level, or just really wants to learn how to coach, the structures, the processes and just how things work because that’s what I was missing.”

Anna Rova, Coach + Podccast Host


6 months of live training including theory, coaching & personal mastery streams commencing September 2018. The certification is an internationally recognized, first-of-its-kind training.


Online course delivery across a combination of self paced training modules combined with live group calls, demonstrations & practice pods to perfect your skills. Join from anywhere in the world.


Optional 2-day immersions to come together in community, practice & celebrate. Immersion attendance is included in the cost of tuition.

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About The Founder,
Jenna Ward

Hello! Lady! I’m Jenna Ward, founder of the School of Embodied Arts and principle teacher behind the Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification.

With a background in Clinical Pharmacy, combined with extensive Energy Medicine and Embodiment training, I’ve come to deeply understand the interplay of physiology, energy & emotion in a woman’s body.

Our schools has trained Feminine Embodiment Coaches in Australia, Europe, US & Asia and our personal training programs, The Embodied Woman, have students from over 20+ different countries.

Through the Coaching Certification my desire is to partner with women desire bone-deep embodied mastery, to step fully into their work and their passions in the most confident and authentic way. Because this is what’s needed – women who resonate & emanate the full power, pleasure & passion of a deeply embodied woman.

You won’t just learn what you need to be successful,
You’ll embody it.


+ What does "Certification" actually mean...?

Students who successfully complete the self-reflection & participation based competencies of the program are eligible to be registered as a “Feminine Embodiment Coach”.

“Feminine Embodiment Coaching” is a modality created by Jenna Ward, as the Founder of the School of Embodied Arts. This modality is recognized & registered by the International Institution of Complementary Therapies (IICT), making it the first of it’s kind training, worldwide.

Graduating students will be:
+ Receiving a certificate of completion & endorsement
+ Supported & listed as a coach on the School of Embodied Arts website
+ Eligible for professional membership registration with IICT &
+ Eligible for professional indemnity insurance

PS. While we didn’t “invent” Feminine Embodiment (nature did that), we have crafted it into a scientific & esoteric framework that women can successfully & powerfully coaching within.

+ What are the training dates for the program?

Class commences late September 2018 and concludes early April 2019. We take a four-week mid-semester break over over Christmas/New Years.

+ How much do Feminine Embodiment Coaches earn?

We do not dictate a “set price” for Feminine Embodiment Coaching sessions, primarily because as a certified Feminine Embodiment Coach you’ll be free to work your way – meaning you can weave this training with your other skills & gifts.

It’s possible to charge from $100-200/hr up to $5000+ for coaching packages/journey’s with your clients.

Perhaps most importantly, we’re going to support you to work in a way that feels true & authentic for you. You’ll be learning:
+ How to structure your coaching offers
+ Keeping strong boundaries & the practical pieces
+ Authentically pricing for single sessions & packages

+ I've never coached before, is this for me?

Whether you’re new to coaching or already have a tool kit of transformation skills under your belt this experience is for the woman ready to feel confident & competent guiding clients into their bodies using embodied arts.

Each of our 6 core modules is designed with 3 complementary streams of
1. Theory – understand the scientific & esoteric why
2. Coaching – know how to apply it
3. Personal Mastery – deeply embody it

Together, these 3 streams ensure you’re well rounded in all the necessary skills – and qualities – a professional coach requires.

+ I'm already a coach or practitioner of some kind, can I still join & weave this magic with my own?

This program is suitable for new coaches (no previous experience) AND existing coaches practitioners looking to expand their skills & weave new magic into their existing tools & practices.

+ What does the program cost?

The program is an investment of time, energy, and money. The financial investment for this professional qualification is mid-four-figures.

6mth payment plans are available. For those who enroll early extended 12mth payment plans are also available. Previous students of ‘The Embodied Woman’ programs are eligible for a $500 enrollment discount.

Exact figures & payment plan options will be given during your application conversation.

+ Who can I work work once I'm certified?

Feminine Embodiment Coaching is a style of coaching developed for work primarily with women & individuals who identify as women as such you will be HOWEVER the core principles & practices can be extended to work with any individual including (men or children).
As a result of this training you’ll be endorsed to work with women age 18+ for the purpose of coaching.

+ What professional support is provided upon course completion?

We want you to succeed. To this end alumni (past students) can access support via the following channels:
1. Quarterly alumni Q&A calls for 12mths from your date of graduation
2. Access to the Private Alumni only Facebook Group for past students for up to 2 years from
your date of graduation – including access to Jenna
3. You will be invited to participate in any future live retreats at a heavily discounted cost

+ Is this training only open to women?

This training is open to those who identify as a woman as we are applying the skills of embodiment through the lens of modern women’s stresses & situations. If you’d like to clarify if this training is appropriate for you, please contact us to discuss further at

+ What is your policy on diversity belonging?

If this program resonates with you we would love to welcome you. We welcome all identities including black, indigenous & people of color. We welcome people of diverse language and backgrounds. We welcome people with non-binary or gender fluid identities. We welcome all humans.

+ What if I can't make the live immersions?

The 2-day live immersions are optional, meaning you can still be certified & receive 100% of the core teachings, without attending.

If you can’t make the immersions (and many students cannot) we’ll be audio recording the lectures and Q&A sessions so you can listen back & participate if you choose to.

+ I have another question not answered here....

You can email us at and we’ll respond to your inquiry within 24hours, Mondays thru Fridays.

“For me it’s been a beautiful way to learn & integrate that learning into the body

Ines Bouyaqba

The community is such a soft place, it’s so vulnerable but so strong all at the same time. People share their challenges and also their wins, it’s so beautiful to be part of”

Tara Hall

“It’s been so much amazing personal growing & practicing with myself, feeling myself, healing myself & loving myself. It has been an amazing journey for me & as a professional to go on & empower my business. I am very grateful for all these gifts”

Luisa Cuesta

“I’d highly recommend Jenna as the woman to do this with, as she lives it, breathes it & teaches it in the most gentle fashion”

Sheree Bradshaw

Enrollment for Sept 2018 batch is now closed.
Enter your details to get on the waitlist and download the curriculum.

You’ll be among the first to be notified when the next batch opens.

For questions or support please reach out to