Do you feel called to empower women by guiding them into the emotional empowerment & sensual aliveness?

If so, you’re one of us.
A member of this global movement of women waking up their bodies.
Remembering of power of pleasure & the sacredness of our sensation.

As a woman who’s walked the path & realized the super-power her feminine body truly is, it’s no surprise you’re called to turn this personal activation into a professional competency & freedom-rich lifestyle.

This is exactly why the Feminine Embodiment Coaching™ Certification was created.

We are the women who want depth, not only speed.
We desire to transcend the goal-setting, mind-based approach to coaching & life.
And to deepen right into your personal & professional mastery as an embodied woman


The Feminine Embodiment CoachingTM Certification is an internationally recognized, professional coaching training for women seeking to become a coach or expand their coaching skill set to include feminine embodiment presence, principles & practices.

Feminine Embodiment Coaching™ is a sensation-based style of coaching which lets the body lead.

At the heart of this inquiry is the multi-layered, inter-connected play of pleasure, purpose & power.

Over 6 months of professional training

you’ll learn the 3 core streams for competent coaching, the embodied way…



Understanding the deep physiological, hormonal, emotional & esoteric threads present in your client’s experience enables you provide the best care possible, with the confidence that it’s back by a clear & reproducible system that works.

The Theory Stream provide the relevant esoteric & scientific theory that underpin the modality so that students can feel knowledgeable, confident & resources. This stream includes:
+ Self-paced lectures
+ Q&A teaching calls
+ Training Manual
+ Open-book competency assessment


All the theory in the world doesn’t work if you can’t work with clients. In this practical & strategic stream you’ll learn our essential coaching framework AND how to improvise, detour and work your own brand of magic with your clients in a way that feels cohesive & most importantly, get’s your clients results.

The Coaching Stream is designed to support the ethical, practical & strategic growth of you as Coach through:
+ Self-paced lectures
+ Q&A teaching calls
+ Training Manual
+ Practice Pod Coaching Calls
+ Implementation tools & guides
+ Open-book competency assessment


Guiding your clients from disconnect & feeling dis-embodied into empowered & empowered authentically requires that you’ve walked that path first. We can’t guide our clients where we haven’t walked – which is why your Personal Mastery Stream will take you deep & embed the confidence and embodied resonance you need to succeed.

The Personal Mastery Stream is designed to deeper the skills & depth of the practitioner through:
+ Guided Processes: Meditation & Movement
+ Worksheets
+ Practical competency assessment


6 month of live training including theory, coaching & personal mastery streams commencing March 2018. The certification is an internationally recognized, first-of-it’s-kind training


Online course delivery across a combination of self paced training modules combined with live group calls, demonstrations & practice pods to perfect your skills. Join from anywhere in the world.


Optional in-person 2-day immersions to come together in community, practice & celebrate. Join us in in Brisbane, Bali or Amsterdam (or all 3!). Immersion attendance is included in the cost of tuition.

Enrolment is now open & places are filling fast!
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About The Founder,
Jenna Ward

Hello lady! I’m Jenna, principle teacher behind the Feminine Embodiment CoachingTM Certification.

With a background in Clinical Pharmacy, combined with extensive Energy Medicine and Embodiment training, I’ve come to deeply understand the interplay of physiology, energy & emotion in a woman’s body.

Through my signature training The Embodied Woman and private coaching clients, I’ve worked with hundreds of women across 20+ countries to reconnect to feminine power, purpose & passion.

Through FECC my desire is to empower confident & competent women who have a deep-body-mastery to step boldly into their work & their passions. Because this is what’s needed – women who resonate & emanate the full power, pleasure & passion of a deeply embodied woman.

You won’t just learn what you need to be successful.
You’ll embody it.


+ What does "Certification" actually mean...?

Students who successfully complete the self-reflection & participation based competencies of the program are eligible to be registered as a “Feminine Embodiment Coach”.

“Feminine Embodiment Coaching” is a modality created by Jenna Ward, as the Founder of the School of Embodied Arts. This modality is recognized & registered by the International Institution of Complementary Therapies (IICT), making it the first of it’s kind training, worldwide.

Graduating students will be:
+ Receiving a certificate of completion & endorsement
+ Supported & listed as a coach on the School of Embodied Arts website
+ Eligible for professional membership registration with IICT &
+ Eligible for professional indemnity insurance

PS. While we didn’t “invent” Feminine Embodiment (nature did that), we have crafted it into a scientific & esoteric framework that women can successfully & powerfully coaching within.

+ How much do Feminine Embodiment Coaches earn?

We do not dictate a “set price” for Feminine Embodiment Coaching sessions, primarily because as a certified Feminine Embodiment Coach you’ll be free to work your way – meaning you can weave this training with your other skills & gifts.

It’s possible to charge from $100-200/hr up to $5000+ for coaching packages/journey’s with your clients.

Perhaps most importantly, we’re going to support you to work in a way that feels true & authentic for you. You’ll be learning:
+ How to structure your coaching offers
+ Keeping strong boundaries & the practical pieces
+ Authentically pricing for single sessions & packages

+ I've never coached before, is this for me?

Whether you’re new to coaching or already have a tool kit of transformation skills under your belt this experience is for the woman ready to feel confident & competent guiding clients into their bodies using embodied arts.

Each of our 6 core modules is designed with 3 complementary streams of
1. Theory – understand the scientific & esoteric why
2. Coaching – know how to apply it
3. Personal Mastery – deeply embody it

Together, these 3 streams ensure you’re well rounded in all the necessary skills – and qualities – a professional coach requires.

+ I'm already a coach or practitioner of some kind, can I still join & weave this magic with my own?

This program is suitable for new coaches (no previous experience) AND existing coaches practitioners looking to expand their skills & weave new magic into their existing tools & practices.

+ What does the program cost?

Financial investment is mid 4-figures.

Enrolment bonuses are available for past students & those that join before 30 Jan 2018.

Exact figures will be provided once you’ve applied.

+ Who can I work work once I'm certified?

Feminine Embodiment Coaching is a style of coaching developed for work primarily with women & individuals who identify as women as such you will be HOWEVER the core principles & practices can be extended to work with any individual including (men or children).
As a result of this training you’ll be endorsed to work with women age 18+ for the purpose of coaching.

+ What professional support is provided upon course completion?

We want you to succeed. To this end alumni (past students) can access support via the following channels:
1. Quarterly alumni Q&A calls for up to 2 years from your date of graduation
2. Access to the Private Alumni only Facebook Group for past students for up to 2 years from
your date of graduation – including access to Jenna
3. You will be invited to participate in any future live retreats at a heavily discounted cost

+ Is this training only open to women?

his training is only open to women & individuals identifying as female to create a safe space to practice.

+ What if I can't make the live immersions?

The 2-day live immersions are optional, meaning you can still be certified & receive 100% of the core teachings, without attending.

In 2018 live immersions are being offered in Brisbane, Bali & Amsterdam. If you can’t make the immersions (and many students can only make 0-1 out of the 3) we’ll be audio recording the lectures and Q&A sessions so you can listen back & participate if you choose to.

+ I have another question not answered here....

You can email us at and we’ll respond to your inquiry within 24hours, Mondays thru Fridays.

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