The big change I didn’t know I needed

October 11, 2017


A really big change has landed in my life & I didn’t know I needed it.

For several years now I’ve been teaching & exploring the depth of feminine embodiment with such passion.

Embodiment has been…

  • A tool to help me liberate my fears & doubts
  • A path to greater empowered vulnerability
  • A way to feel more pleasure in my body
  • A compass for making decisions
  • A skill that makes me magnetic

And it absolutely remains ALL of these things.

But to be honest one of the key reasons I’ve been so devoted is because embodiment is a speedy & powerful way to move through PAIN.

The pain of my doubts & fears.
The pain of my own confusion.
The pain of this body & its shame.
The pain of the world.

Embodiment has been an invaluable tool for releasing pain.

And for a time my practice has been focused on liberating pain. But, the more & more I’ve become intimate with this pain. The more I’ve see…

Relieving pain isn’t the point of life. 

So many of us spend so much time experiencing painful thoughts, emotions, feelings & situations. So we NUMB ourselves out from the pain we don’t want to feel. #modernlife

Learning to dance with our pain – which is just a form of uncomfortable intensity – is essential for embodied woman. 

But the woman who is pain-free isn’t automatically enlivened by life.


So my body guided me to open & to feel…

What is the purpose of an embodied woman, who’s not ruled by her pain or the pain of this planet?

Society would have us believe we need an external purpose or achievement we need to be dedicated to (our jobs, kids, careers, partners or something external).  

I don’t buy the idea that purpose is something outside myself.

I believe the woman who is not ruled by pain is a woman who walks the path of rich living experience. 

+ A woman who says yes to living as HERSELF with all her intensity, pain & pleasure (easier said than done…).

+ A woman who says yes to living as the PURPOSE of her life. With her worth dependent on her being, and nothing more (sometimes challenging to practice…). 

+ A woman who lives as an embodiment of LOVE in all her moments. And is free to be the feminine change our planet so needs at this time.  

The woman who is not ruled by pain is a woman who walks the path of rich living experience.

While learning to liberate pain is a skill we all need to embody (and one I’m still deeply++ committed to teaching), I want to promise that as you learn to love that pain…

A life of overflowingly beautiful, rich living experience is the purpose calling you to read this.

It’s here.


We need to choose it. 

As I’ve landed home in Australia this week my life is a mess. I need to find a new home to live in (again), attention to life administration is well overdue, I owe many wonderful friends a visit, not to mention work… Plus I haven’t even called my nanna yet!

I’m definitely not promising things will be perfect when we choose to walk a path of rich living experience.

I’m not even promising it will always be pleasurable. 

But despite all this busyness.
With all the pain.
Personally I’ve found myself saturated in the richest state of LIVING this year.
And it’s bliss.

This is what our world & our communities need at this time.
More LIFE.

As our planet is literally dying.
As our weather is angry & storming.
As our communities are taking actions centred in horror & retaliation.

We need more LIFE & reverence for LIVING to awaken.

And it begins in you.
This is what I invite you to claim with me.

Embodied women revere the full spectrum of feminine selves & our rich living experience. And this is what’s required to revive our world.

We have to ‘do the work’ to make LIFE happen (by the way I’m pretty sure ‘doing the work’ is actually just part of being a good human being).

I’d love to share with you what’re the key skills needed to become a mistress of mastering your pain so you can do LIFE with more Embodiment
Liberating shame to let your body lead
Live Online Class with Embodiment Teacher Jenna Ward
Click here to RSVP

Let’s do this, together.

Life is calling.

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