The Confidence To Coach [Feminine Coaching Podcast]

July 23, 2018


Welcome to Episode 3 of the Feminine Coaching Podcast! Are you a coach, healer, leader or woman who desires to work with others with a crisis of confidence?

Developing the confidence to coach is a journey into claiming our power, worth & personal mastery. In this episode, we examine the idea of ‘expertise, some key questions to resolve our confidence crisis plus practical steps to embody sincere confidence so you can do your work in the world.

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In this episode we’re exploring:

  • Feeling like a Fraud: The right of passage all coaches go through (more than once)
  • The sneaky signs your confidence is lacking – servitude, breaking boundaries & over giving
  • We explore our personal “Line of Activation”, the silver lining & deeper reason WHY we go through this challenge 
  • Embodied resonance, mirror neurons & owning our power as coaches and leaders
  • Practical tips & questions to ask to get you connected with sincere confidence

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