You don’t need fixing, you need new skills….

April 26, 2019


Every single day there are a few skills that I consistently practice…

Skills like cooking food. Driving my car. And practicing feminine embodiment…

From the moment I wake, I’m tuning into my body with sensitivity & noticing her nuances.

Where there’s tension, tightness, or a sense of some unpleasant & uncomfortable feeling I can’t quite solve… I drop in and practice the skills of emotional empowerment to liberate the frozen tension back into flow.

As my day progresses – as I work, run a household or do a million other things – I’m consistently attuning to the pleasure that’s present in my body.

There’s also the regular moment or three of cultivating magnetic qualities to draw in my desires (like the new house we just bought!).

These are skills I’ve invested in learning & cultivating.

And now, my feminine embodiment skills run in the background (for the most part) of my life & work.

I don’t practice feminine embodiment skills because I’m broken & need to be fixed.

Nor do I practice to become enlightened or more conscious (though these are probably unavoidable side effects).

Rather – I practice because it makes life so much richer. Deeper. Fuller.

This wasn’t an education I was given. I had to go searching for these skills in a world that would rather glorify hustle, push, force & what we “think” over what we “feel”.

These skills weren’t always easy to learn or practice.

It took investment, time, devotion.

But honestly, I didn’t have a choice.

Deep down my body has always longed to be cracked open by life.

These skills are how I meet that longing & enter it.

If you are…

+ A woman who thinks for herself… and wants to lead herself.
+ If you don’t want more knowledge… but more knowing from the well of deep feeling and sensation based wisdom of your body.
+ If you’re less concerned with “fixing” yourself… And more interested in developing life long skills to deeply embrace all your parts, including the imperfect ones.
+ If you know your feminine side is the source of a great (but vastly under-tapped) potential… An old dynamic that is ripe & calling for change.

Then I’d suggest the skills of feminine embodiment are calling to you too.

Luckily enrollment for The Embodied Woman Program is open right now!  

In this live experience, we’ll be learning the 6 core skills of feminine embodiment over 3 months. Plenty of time to practice & play together in a safe space of women taking the same journey (& harnessing the energy of moving deeper, together).

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