Early bird ending

April 29, 2019


When your heart says YES there is ALWAYS a way to make your desires happen.

However wild they seem.
However inconvenient they appear.
However exhausting you worry they’ll be.

A heartfelt YES is not a sensation you want to ignore.

If you’re YES is about The Embodied Woman Program, then a loving reminder there are just over 12 hours left to take advantage of the $200 early bird saving.

>> 12hours left to join The Embodied Woman program with the $200 Early Bird Saving

Personally, I have a hard time navigating the YES of my heart when I feel it might be inconvenient & possibly exhausting…

Perhaps I’ll have to change my routine.

Or find more time.

Or use my energy in different ways.

It’s enough of a reason to ignore your heart-YES & say hell-NO.

In the past few months I’ve said YES to many wild & inconvenient experiences when honestly it would have been far easier, cheaper & energy-saving for me to just stay at home. And a part of me wanted to.

But LIVING is not always about being the most efficient or contained woman.

Sometimes LIVING is about saying yes to that opportunity that’s most worth it – to your heart.

If you’re balancing a YES in your life that’s also laced with some fear or exhaustion, know that’s normal.

ANYTHING that’s going to change your trajectory will cause our survival system to tense.

But deciding from fear & exhaustion will typically only yield more fear & exhaustion. And where’s the LIVING in that?

If you’ve read to this point it’s clear that you DO want to change trajectories, whatever that means for you.

I’m not saying this because you ‘should’ join The Embodied Woman program.
Only you will know if your heart is a YES for that.

And whatever she is saying YES to.
Your heart knows the way.
Trust her.

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