Real Life Success with Established Feminine Coaches [Feminine Coaching Podcast]

August 6, 2018


It’s a great honor to welcome 2 well-established coaches working with feminine arts (who I’m also fortunate enough to consider good friends). I’ve coached with both these women personally, which is why I’ve invited them to join us today in unraveling their journey into full-time coaching success!

Everyone comes to working with the Feminine Arts in their own way. And while we might all use similar body-based, felt-feminine tools, the way we apply these tools has so many wide & rich applications. In this episode, we speak with two very diverse applications of the feminine arts from two successful full-time coaches.

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In EP 5 Part 1 we speak with Susana Frioni, Erotic Empowerment Coach & Hostess of the Love, Sex, Desire Podcast about:

  • Susana’s journey from the world of fitness into group & private coaching
  • Susana’s definition of “expertise”
  • How Susana’s own relationship & intimacy challenges have shaped her work
  • The challenges of ‘taking things slow’ and following your own rhythm

EP5 Part 1: Stream | Download | Listen on iTunes

EP5 Part 2 we speak with Marcela Widrig from Fierce Embodiment about:

  • Marcela’s departure from a traditional model of working 1-1 into her own unique style of magic
  • How Marcela works with her still-present insecurities
  • The key supports & helpers on Marcela’s journey

EP5 Part 2: Stream | Download | Listen on iTunes



Susana Frioni is a speaker, certified Deep Coaching Professional and embodiment teacher igniting women through erotic empowerment via her brand LOVE SEX DESIRE. With an audience in over 190 countries, Susana also produces and hosts a weekly podcast series alongside her Sacred Dance events and other workshops/programs both in person and online.
You can find her @susanafrioni on most social media channels.



Marcela Widrig, founder of Fierce Embodiment, teaches men and women to release old beliefs, hurts, fears and the restrictive way they are held in their bodies today. She trained extensively with the Grinberg Method® for over 18 years, after getting her hands-on start in therapeutic massage and shiatsu.

To be able to teach a wider audience and give her clients tools to deepen their learning, she continued her development with the Grinberg Method’s Stopping Movement training, Body-mind Centering®, Embodied Flow™ yoga and Motion Theatre®. This combination of somatic bodywork, movement training, breath and expressive arts has given her a rich variety of body-centered tools to guide clients through trauma and emotional challenges, such as fear, shame, humiliation and anger. Marcela currently teaches workshops in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy and United Kingdom.

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  1. Thank you so much for this episode and for the podcast series Jenna. I am loving all of the episodes but this one in particular and Marcela’s challenges with insecurity resonated so much with me. I’m definitely going to look into her work and yours more closely. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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