What role are you wearing? How to embody a different energy

August 31, 2017


Recently I was glamping in the Spanish mountains. There’s a little taste of the heaven… 

But I have an unflattering insight to share about this divine experience. 
While I was LOVING the time away in nature…  

For the first few hours, all I could think was…
“Would this situation make a good blog?”
#veryfuckedup #verydistracting 

We all have those times where our attention is diverted.  

Perhaps we have a long list of things that need doing… Or despite our best efforts, our unruly mind just wants to do its own thing & run the show.  

When our attention is divided, it’s impossible to give our full selves.  

Which means it’s also impossible to receive.  

During my weekend adventure – this was the big clue.  

I noticed I wasn’t receiving all the pleasure or rejuvenation that should be accompanying such a delicious experience. 

Anywhere there is an absence of pleasure.
There is an absence of presence.  

As soon as I was aware of this situation – I knew it needed to change.  

So I did this… 

1.Got clear on what role I was wearing

It was clear the Teacher in me hadn’t switched off. After a busy week of clients & interviews & planning some exciting work coming soon… She was still in charge.  

2. Decided which role I truly wanted to embody  

I was with my man & we were in a luxury tent on the side of a mountain!! It felt clear the Lover in me should be in charge… 
3. Let her make the decisions 
When I started asking myself – “what would the Lover have me do?” things began to shift quickly and with ease.  

How we spend our time is a reflection of who we truly are.  

So as soon as the Lover made one decision, she was in charge 😉 

The key here is I wasn’t trying to suppress or turn off my Teacher. 

Suppressing or labeling parts of ourselves as ‘wrong’ is rarely a recipe for success.  

Truthfully the Teacher was just doing her job – looking for real life situations to teach from (because an embodied experience is the most powerful form of teaching). 

Instead, I shifted my energy & attention to the Lover in me.  

And let her out to play.  

Becoming aware of which roles you are playing is key to shifting between them.  

There are so many layers and facets to your beautifully complex feminine essence.  


The list goes on…  

These inner roles, or archetypes, are flavors of you that are so useful to know, explore, experience & try out in your body.  

So tell me: 

  • What role are you playing at the moment?  
  • And what role do you desire to shift into?  

Let us know in the comments below now…  

#sidenote – I love that this situation actually DID make a good blog after all. Turns out we can still get shit done while prioritizing pleasure after all 😉  

If you’d love to get to know your inner feminine spaces & places more intimately download the Feminine Magnetism Map – an Embodied Woman’s guide to your key energy dynamics.  

Download the guide here. 



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