Letting the Body Lead VS Mental Masturbation for Coaches [Feminine Coaching Podcast]

July 6, 2018


Welcome to Episode 2 of the Feminine Coaching Podcast. The transformational space (like the world) is pretty mental at the moment. Meaning there is SO much going on in/around the mental dimension, or up in the stars, or away in some other magical place but…. our body keeps the score. When we relax our obsession with the mental and drop into the body, she can lead us into some amazing places…

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In this episode we’re exploring:

  • The difference between mental-dimension-modalities and the story-our-soma-holds 
  • How I got started as a coach (and felt totally blocked & unable to move forward in my coaching business)
  • Exploring the 4 big barriers to letting the body lead: worth, procrastination, perfectionism & analysis paralysis 
  • Exploring the Embodied Goal Setting process to use for yourself & with clients
  • Examining our non-conscious stores of success & the standards we hold ourselves to Can’t wait to hear your reply once you’ve listened in! Let us know your insights, ah-ha’s or Q’s in the comments below!

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