March 2019 Feminine Embodiment Coaching Enrollment Now Open

November 26, 2018


Q: Is it genuinely possible to go from no coaching experience or skills to successful enrolling, delivering & charging clients (up to 4 figures) for feminine embodiment coaching, within 6 months?

A: When we first offered the Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification in December 2017 I knew, deep down it was possible.

Theoretically, I knew that a woman who was committed to learning the skills of feminine embodiment coaching, & who was really ready to take it forward into a business – could do it.

But then when it happened.
When I witnessed multiple students offering their coaching packages & drawing in paying clients in all kinds of wild & magnetic ways…

Honestly, I had to pinch myself.

While I knew without a doubt these skills worked. Part of me was (apparently unconsciously) fearful that this might not translate to a successful business for other women.

Part of me wondered… will this only work for ‘me’?

I realize now that was such a BS fear to have.
But this modality does work.
Not because it creates cookie-cutter coaches who all coach the same way.

But because this modality is a way of fully owning who you already & the magic you already bring as a woman (combined with some delicious coaching structures, tools & strategies).

Recently I asked our inaugural round of certification students – What kind of success have you seen as a result of this training, both personally & professionally?  

They told me things like…

+ I’ve enrolled multiple new clients into coaching packages
+ People have been seeking me out & asking to work with me (even when I haven’t made them an offer)
+ Clients have found me via Google for the first time & signed up for coaching packages with me!
+ I’ve had my biggest income month ever
+ My new website is live (& feels true)
+ I’m expressing more & more online

These women are impressive.

Less than 3 months after graduation a big percentage of our cohort is already charging 4 figures for their work.

Some were 100% new to coaching (never coached before). Others already had a coaching, yoga or therapy background (but really wanted to take their skills to the next level).

Either way, I am in awe of the value & service these women are offering into the world.

When I first graduated (many moons ago, from another modality) I was charging just $60 per hour. Using a time-for-money model that took me 3+ years to evolve into a profitable business.

During that time I was pouring so much of my personal money into my work.
I was constantly fretting – will this investment one day flow back to me?????
And it has.
The investment I’ve made in my self & my work flood back to my now-juicy-bank-account multiple times over.

Right now my private client books are already pre-sold & fully booked for the first half of 2019.
It’s not because “I’m special” that my books are full.

It’s because these skills work.

They are MAGIC.

The skills of feminine embodiment are not only the tools I use to coach my clients with, but they are also the skills I personally use to:

  • Create new offers
  • Draw in clients using feminine magnetism
  • Inspire creativity & expression in my business
  • Work through doubts, fears & challenges when they (constantly) arise
  • Make decisions about where to take the business forward

Our March 2019 class of the Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification is now open for enrollment.
You can find out more at


This will be our only 2019 class so if you’re called to learn this art – apply & book in a time to have a private 1-1 chat with me where we can discuss if this 6mth program is the best fit for your passions in 2019.

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