FAQ for the Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification

February 19, 2019


Powerful questions are the job of a coach…. (& powerful questions based in feeling the body wisdom fully are the job of a feminine embodiment coach 😉 )

If you’re considering joining us for the 6-month Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification here are some As to Qs you might be pondering….

Q: How much time will the program take each month?

We have 6months of live training together commencing in March 2019. We encourage you to move at your own pace, though on average our students spend from 6-14hours/month.

Broken down this looks like:

  • Cultivating a personal mastery practice – 5-10mins/day
  • Self-paced theory & coaching learning – 4-8hrs/month
  • Live calls & practices – 2-6hrs/month

You’ll have access to the training for 2 years & the freedom to move at your pace. We encourage the principles of feminine learning, meaning while we’ll support you with accountability & structure to stay on track – ultimately it’s MOST important that you metabolize & integrate the theory into your own lived experience, which creates a fertile foundation of confidence & trust.

Q: What is the cost of the training?

The program is around the $5000 mark, exact prices & payment plans are provided once we’ve spoken about the program & ensured it’s a fit for your desires

Q: Is there really a demand for this kind of work? Will I be able to get clients?

These are intelligent questions to ask. There’s no point pursuing your passions if at the end of the day you can’t find clients & no one wants what you have to offer.

Perhaps you’ve noticed more & more women are interested in emotional empowerment, sensual aliveness & reclaiming what it means to embody the feminine. This wave of awakening is occurring in exponentially greater & greater numbers & we’ve witnessed the demand for guides, coaches & mentors to support women in this wave of embodied awakening is growing exponentially.

I see it in my own practice. By November 2018 my private coaching & mentoring books were full until November 2019. I was so booked out, with still more interest coming in, I started (very happily) referring clients to our graduated coaches.

Yes, there is demand.

And in our Embodied Entrepreneur Module together we’ll refine how you can express your work & enroll clients into your coaching offerings in a genuine way.

Q: Will this help me grow my confidence?

Confidence isn’t something we can give you…

Genuine confidence only comes about through allowing the natural gifts YOU are to be fully claimed & experienced in your body.

This comes about through personal mastery (which we have a whole stream of training dedicated to) AND practice, practice practice.

We’ll support you to realize the confidence you already possess and experience it more fully, but learning to trust the structure & skills you’re learning – combined with the natural magic you already have to offer.

Q: Can I weave this work with my own wisdom, skills & other tools?

Hell yes! We’re not interested in creating coaching-clones. We desire you to take the principles of feminine embodiment coaching, the skills & structures to coach effectively & safely – and to marry them with the lived experience & uniqueness YOU are.

No two of our coaches will coach alike.

The styles, paces & flavors of coaching is an important aspect of growing your coaching confidence we desire to expand.

Plus, we’ll support you to create a Signature Coaching System to use with your clients, effectively creating an area of specialty rooted in your lived wisdom.

Our coaches work in areas like divorce, birth, sensuality, grief, mothering, dance choreography & business. The options are endless.

Q: Is there business training involved?

Yes! Once you’ve learned the skills to confidently coach & create amazing results with your clients we’ll turn our attention to Embodied Entrepreneurship.

This is a favorite module of some of our students, where we focus on the inner calibrations needed as leader & entrepreneur, as well as the business structures & strategies to successfully develop your coaching business.

Especially we’ll be covering:

+ Create your coaching offers & Signature Coaching Systems
+ Pricing your offers
+ Express your work to the world strategically & vulnerably
+ Client enrolment strategies

Q: What kind of results do your past graduates experience from this training?

We’ll let our past students speak for themselves….

“This journey has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have integrated Jenna’s tools into my own life and into my own path of embodiment in a very, very powerful way. And I’m also using these tools with my clients and I am seeing immediate, beautiful coaching results with every single client. – Hanne Lina

“I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their coaching skills to the next level, or just really wants to learn how to coach, the structures, the processes and just how things work because that’s what I was missing.” – Anna

“I am feeling more ready now to step into coaching than I have ever felt before, and it’s been something I’ve desired for a long time but never had the confidence in myself to do.” – Kim

There’s just 2 weeks left to book a call & explore if this program is a fit for you!

If you’ve been feeling the mix of excitement, terror & curiosity that typically accompanies a major opportunity – now’s the time to explore if this training genuinely is the right fit for you.

Click here to download the training curriculum & apply.

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