Feminine Fuel

5 Day Embodiment Challenge

with Feminine Embodiment Coach Jenna Ward
Redefine your relationship with pleasure & power. We begin Friday, April 19th.

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Starting April 19th, you’ll receive 1 email each day, for 5 days diving into:

+ A short audio welcome & fresh perspective on one of our feminine fuel topics (5-7mins)
+ An if-you-dare-challenge (to do in the comfort of your own home) which draws on feminine embodiment principles
+ You’ll also be invited to join our pop-up Facebook group for community, accountability & questions (because it’s better when we do it together)

Our 5 feminine fuel topics are…

Day 1: Chaos
Day 2: Anger
Day 3: Ugly
Day 4: Sensuality
Day 5: Magnetism

We begin Friday, April 19th – Enter your details to join us…!