Did you know there are 2 kinds of pleasure?

February 11, 2019


How do you feel in your body right now?
…Dry, tight & tense?
… Or juicy, supple & fluid?

Like most women, I habitually carry tension & tightness in my body. Particularly after a morning at my computer, or doing some other productive adult thing.

The tension & tightness of my physical body helps to keep my awareness FOCUSED, my energy moving FORWARD and my actions PRODUCTIVE. It’s a well-known recipe for getting shit done.

But sometimes I like to change gears & move out of this dry, tight & tense orientation….
And slip into something a little more PLEASURABLE.

There are two ways to cultivate pleasure in our body…

the first is…

the second is…

When we DO pleasure we’re engaging our external senses in the actions of pleasure.

+ Notice the fabric on your skin
+ Imagine sweet chocolate melting on your tongue
+ Listening to the sounds of the breeze around you
+ Watching the clouds overhead

Sensory pleasure outside the body is a pleasure we do through action.
It’s delicious.

We can heighten & maximize this doing-pleasure by giving more awareness & sensitivity to our actions. Usually, our awareness is split between 50 different things, but the more awareness we place on our senses as they do pleasure, the great sensitivity we bring, and thus the greater pleasure we feel.


Pleasure Practice: Feeding the Goddess of your Senses

Take a moment to shut your eyes, tune out all your other senses (hearing, smell, taste, sound) and just focus on the feeling of your skin, your sense of touch. Notice all the ways your skin is touching the fabric of your clothing. Breathe into that. Adjust your body & explore how that contact could be felt more fully, by subtly adjusting your body. Experiencing the texture & the sense of touch to it’s fullest. Place all your awareness here, go all the way.

But DOING pleasure is not the only way to cultivate great currents of juicy, supple, fluid pleasure in the body.

Because pleasure isn’t only something you do

Pleasure is also something you ARE.

Currents of pleasure are alive inside your being at all times.

When we ARE pleasure we’re engaging our internal senses & internal word to experience the pleasure that we are through being.

No doing required.
Just feeling.
All that you are.
Including your innate pleasure.

This kind of pleasure isn’t outside you, or beyond you.
It doesn’t require fancy rituals.
It doesn’t need chocolate or self-care.

We can heighten & maximize this being-pleasure by attuning to it & increasing its stamina.

Most of us have been sold the idea that pleasure has to be something we achieve, perform or do – rather than something we can simply tap into and BE in any moment. So the idea that you could simply pause, shut your eyes, and experience pleasure in ANY moment is a little foreign for some. But don’t let me try to convince you, your own body is the greatest teacher & source of wisdom you possess, so let’s invite your body to show you….


Blog 2 Pleasure

Pleasure Practice – Pocket of Pleasure

Shut your eyes for a moment & notice if you can find a spot (any physical, emotion or felt part of your physical body or the space around you) that feels good, alive or pleasure filled.

If you can’t find a place that feels alive & pleasureful, then search for a spot in your body that is absent of pain.

And spend 2 minutes just breathing & coming into contact with that pocket of pleasure.

Breathe into it, letting it be felt, let it be the focus of your attention, letting it grow & be fully experienced.

It is (unfortunately) normal that many of us have trouble locating a pocket of pleasure, and/or staying with that pocket of pleasure for a duration of time. Distractions & lack of stamina are common challenges – but they don’t mean you’re ‘broken’, have a ‘pleasure block’ or are deficient in some way.

Pleasure is an always-present reality of this body we can develop deeper sensitivity & stamina to through practice. Think of it as a skill, just like riding a bike (but even more fun!).


Want to expand your pleasure stamina & depth?

If you’re searching for personal practices to embody deeper pleasure then May 2019 The Embodied Woman 3month Program might be for you. Join the waitlist here to receive more information.

If you’re interested in working with pleasure professionally the March 2019 Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification might be for you.

Finally, an important Q to consider…

What stands in the way of your pleasure?

Now it’s your turn. I’d love to hear from you. What stands in the way of your pleasure? Let me know in the comment section below – I’d love to connect.

2 Comments on “Did you know there are 2 kinds of pleasure?”

  1. Fears stands in the way of pleasure. Fear of loosing something, someone. Fear of being my true self and being in power/ be BIG. Fear of not thinking. And of meeting my body with the memory of painbodies in there.

  2. Thank you Jenna. I can totally sense the juice in this. It seems oh so simple and yet it is so hard to find this pleasure place. What stands in my way is my mind, negative selftalk or problem focus. My mind distracting me with issues that are not solved, trying to solve or justify. xxx

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