Persecution of the Feminine

April 3, 2019


Last Thursday I went to the cinema to watch “On the Basis of Sex”.
Within the first 10 minutes I was in a rage.
By the 30 minute mark I was in tears.

This amazing true life story centers around a white lawyer & her early influence anti-sexism legislation in the US. It’s a brilliant film. Watch it.

I left the cinema reflecting on where we are TODAY as women…

I personally don’t live in a world where OVERT sexism is common place. But that doesn’t mean the legacy of its presence doesn’t linger.

I might hold the privilege of living in a near-equatable society. But not every woman is so lucky.

And when we scratch the surface, there are still A LOT OF SUPPRESSIVE ideas, beliefs & practices that persecute the feminine.

At one point in the film the lead, Ruth, surmises why she won’t be hired as a lawyer (despite graduating top of her class)…

She’s informed:

  • The other wives will get jealous
  • She’ll be too emotional
  • She won’t be tough enough
  • She might decide to have a baby thus ‘stalling her career’
  • And at one point a noticeable glance is given to her breasts…

I’m curious to know…

  • Do you sometimes feel like you have to compete with other women?
  • Are you ever told (or fear) you’re too emotional?
  • Do you ever worry your sensitive nature might be perceived as weakness?
  • Does the idea of always moving forward in a linear way feel foreign (because maybe you want to move in intuitive, cyclic ways instead)?
  • Do you feel that your genuine sensuality & pleasure are shamed or unwelcome by the world?

The subtle fears & doubts speak to a common persecution that transcends sex or gender identity. They are the shame of the FEMININE.

Every human, irrespective of their gender identity, contains 50% feminine, yin, flowing energy. It will manifest uniquely in each of our bodies, but the traits of the feminine are universal

  • Collaboration instead of competition – like mother nature
  • Emotional fluidity – rather than head-based logic
  • Sensitivity & depth – as a superpower rather than a curse
  • Cyclic, non-linear decision-making & growth – rather than predictable production
  • Sensuality as an inherently beautiful quality that is a source of power – not shame or taboo

We live in a world that increasingly holds women as equal-or-close-to.
But we live in a world that still SHAMES the feminine.

Every individual has work to do in dismantling the reside of this feminine-suppression.

It’s the work of re-claiming our feminine fuel.
As I left the cinema last week, I felt re-ignited & re-invigorated to take my own dismantling & reclaiming to the next stage.

So I’ve put together a new, free 5-day challenge called FEMININE FUEL.

Enter your details below to join.

It’s for women & those who identify as ‘her’ to redefine how we can embody a deeper relationship with our feminine pleasure & power.

We begin Friday, April 19th.

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