Wisdom of the Jade Egg with Saida Désilets

February 22, 2018


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Today we’re speaking with Saida Désilets about:

+ Saida’s journey of re-discovering the Jade Egg & bringing it back into popularity.
+ What the research says about the ‘right technique’ & [the statistically proven] real power behind the practice.
+ How Saida uses the Jade Egg practice in her own mastery & a really powerful insight into how emerging feminine leaders at this time.
+ The difference between a tight, toned & dexterous vagina (very educational!).

About SaidaSaidaBio-min

Dr.Saida Désilets wants to live in a world filled with ignited, sexually sovereign women living expressed and fulfilling lives

As a thought-leader and advocate for women’s embodied, audacious leadership, she has published several books:The Emergence of the Sensual Woman&The Illustrious Jade Eggand has had her innovative method featured in Dr. Christiane Northrupbestselling books:Womens Wisdom, WomenBodies&The Secret Pleasures of Menopause, as well as in Dr. Rachel Abrams books:Multi-Orgasmic Woman&BodyWise

After two decades of dedicated personal and professional practice, she’s now writing her newest book on Desire while leading a year-long Ambassador training and several research projects with arenownedOb-Gyn to transform our understanding of women’s psycho-sexual well being. 

When shes not dancing Cuban salsa with her husband, you can find her leading
Wilderness Safari’s for women in South Africa or writing deliciously sensual poetry.

Download The Jade Egg eBook [a gift from Saida]:

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