As women we can live one of two ways:

#1 Disembodied…

+ Living in our head
+ Busy being busy
+ Busy forcing & pushing (yet never arriving)
+ Busy trying to work it all out & make a plan, yet unable to access that sweet spot of ease + flow you know is possible
+ Getting stuck, staying stuck, because you can’t navigate your way forward

#2 Embodied…
+ Feeling connected to the true you
+ Feeling worthy, confident & enough in your own skin
+ Using your heart to navigate a clear path forward
+ Accessing your feminine sensuality & pleasure daily, to feel good
+ Being magnetic, rather than working hard for everything you desire to accomplish

The Embodied Woman is the woman who chooses to move out of her head & into the feminine gateways of heart & womb.

She accesses her feminine POWER, her feminine PLEASURE and becomes and unstoppable force in herself, her relationships, her work & her life.


Embodiment is a feminine spiritual practice designed to open, heal & liberate any constrictions keeping us from our true, natural feminine essence.

You already ARE an embodied woman. You already have sensual, confident & magnetic powers are your inner disposal. You’ve just forgotten how to access them.

The Embodied Woman teachings fuse ancient wisdom with modern energy medicine training to guide busy, modern women – step by step – home back into their bodies.

STEP ONE is to download our guide to the Feminine Energy Gateways so you can begin to understand the feminine energy flow that already lives within you. Click here to download your guide.

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