Valentine’s Day Gift: Free Heart & Womb Audio Ritual

February 14, 2018


Today I didn’t buy my man any gifts because – consumerism.

I’m also pretty sure the origins of this celebration are a little degrading to the female sex so – that’s not something I’m so keen to celebrate.

But sharing and celebrating LOVE is something I’m 200% behind, so I have a sweet Valentine’s day gift for you!

Self-love is a super popular thing these days – we all know we should do it.

But the fact of the matter is it’s really ‘effing difficult to truly, unconditionally love yourself.

True self-love doesn’t want to fix you or change you.

True self love simply wants to celebrate the imperfection of EVERYTHING you are, as utterly perfect.

One of the biggest allies in creating true self-love is your body – specifically your heart and womb.

So this Valentine’s day I’d love to gift AS MANY WOMEN AS POSSIBLE the gift of embodied connection to our self-love epicenters, the heart and womb…mp3-cover

Heart & Womb Audio Ritual

PS. If you know another woman who might also love the Heart & Womb Audio Ritual .mp3 make sure you forward the love to her this Valentine’s day. The world needs more of it.

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