How to use your built in Lie Detector

August 2, 2017

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It’s really hard to tell yourself the Truth.

Firstly, because the Truth can be hard to see.
When we’re in our shit and all we can see is this problem & that issue, all the surface stress distracts us from what’s really going on.

Secondly, because the Truth often hurts.
We secretly avoid it. Preferring to be a chameleon, twisting & turning ourselves to something that’s ‘better’.

Like you, I’m an honest person.
I don’t tell white lies (I can’t, they feel too icky).
I don’t say things that I don’t mean.

But like you, I lie to myself a LOT.

I lie to myself – and make my dreams smaller than they really are.

I lie to myself – and spend my time in ways that don’t reflect my Truth.

I lie to myself – and doubt myself.

I lie to myself – and change who I am so I’ll be liked.

It happens to me (still).
It happens to all of us.
It’s a necessary part of our human condition.

Which is why EVERY woman needs to become her own Lie Detector.
The good news is.
You’ve got one built in.

Our body is a compass, a barometer that KNOWS when we are telling the truth.

Our body senses, when we’re telling lies.

And when we develop sensitivity to that body.

When are IN our body.
We can feel the incongruence of our lie.
And feel the power of our truth with so much more ease.

As I sit here writing this email right now I know I’ve been naughty. I’ve been working more than I’ve been playing. And I don’t have to be that woman. But here I am writing you an email.

And just as I wrote that line, my man walked into the room & wanted me to come down to join him in the kitchen.

Part of me responded with “more demands, can’t I just have my space!!”

That part of me, that surface reaction was a lie.
I could have lived out that lie & told my man “I’m busy, just 5 more minutes.”

But my BODY knew it was the wrong choice.
The Truth was – I either lead with my head or my heart.
And if I denied him, it definitely wasn’t a heart-led decision.

So I got cranky, with myself, with him.
And I went down into the kitchen, being all cranky.
And it wasn’t pretty.

Telling ourselves the Truth is often inconvenient.
It often doesn’t make us feel all rainbows and sunshine.

But it’s liberation.

So I put on some music. A little bit of this playlist. And started moving.

I moved out “I don’t want to be in the kitchen with you”
I moved out “I should be working”
I moved out “why do I lie to myself”
I moved out “who do I really want to be here?”

And I started to smile.
Truth-telling always ends with a smile.

So, beautiful woman, right now – this is the key question for you to consider:

>>> What’s the truth of where you find yourself right now?

What’s the loving, and often hard, Truth that it’s time to admit?

Post your answer & claim your Truth in the comments section below.

If you desire to understand the energy of your body & how you can drop into more of her subtle lie-detecting skills, grab your free copy of the Feminine Magnetism Map here now.

This Map is a powerful way to assess just how connected you are to your body.


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