Feminine embodiment. For women who demand deep living.

Who value sensitivity & sensation.
Who want to lead with their body, rather than their heads or to-do lists.
Who want to magnetically draw in their desires.
And dance with sensual aliveness in their day to day.

For women, coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs.

For everyone with a feminine essence (all of us) that desires to intimately KNOW & inhabit it more fully in their BODY.


Jenna Ward is a non-Indigenous Australian woman & Feminine Embodiment Coach. She lives with her baby & partner, between Australia’s Sunshine Coast & Amsterdam.

Jenna has a passion for coaching & has worked with women from over 22 countries across 5 continents, partnering with them to discover the endless depth, beauty & wisdom of their own bodies knowing.

Jenna is the Founder of the School of Embodied Arts, an international training organisation & community devoted to cultivating the skills of feminine embodiment in life & leadership.

We offer training for women, coaches & entrepreneurs in the art of feminine embodiment including movement practices, embodied living for women, coaching certification & feminine leadership masterminds for entrepreneurs.


I’m a Feminine Embodiment Coach. I work with women, coaches & entrepreneurs. I don’t have your answers & I’m not interested in fixing you. I am interested in partnering with you to discover the wisdom & perfect path forward that’s already inside you, ripe to be discovered & actualized.

For women we offer:
+ Feminine embodiment movement practices in Primal Feminine Flow
+ Foundation feminine embodiment skills & practices in The Embodied Woman

For coaches & women who want to work with women we offer:
+ Professional Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification Program

For leaders & entrepreneurs, we offer:
+Feminine Leadership Mastermind

Plus an extensive & free library of blogs & podcast episodes here.


My #1 desire in life is to saturate myself in rich experiences. That might lead you to imagine I’m constantly chasing some new adventure or location… but actually, my rich experiences tend to happen in the simple moments of life – raising my daughter, exploring nature with my family, pondering the complexities of boundaries & business with my clients.

To me, the magic of life is not in some grand professional purpose, but rather that every act is an opportunity for devotion, a moment where all the subtle intensity of life, that is always available to every human, be fully embraced.

Turns out this is embodiment of the feminine – inhabiting the full spectrum of feeling, sensation, emotion & sensual aliveness with my body, as often as humanly possible.

I came across embodiment totally by accident.

As my first career as a clinical hospital pharmacist (I hold a Bachelor & Graduate Diploma) was reaching its zenith, I realised I was deeply and utterly unhappy. My body was speaking to me with symptoms of nausea & sickness (from the copious amounts of chocolate I was eating to smother my dissatisfaction). My to-do list was strangling me & I felt that there surely had to be something MORE to life than this superficial living.

Perhaps a change of career would fix this lack of depth I felt? I started studying a modern form of energy medicine to heal my self & my clients (I hold a Cert IV & Diploma in Neuroenergetic Kinesiology). I had no idea what a chakra was (I still don’t remember all their names) & had never meditated a day in my life – but this esoteric & spiritual world surely held the More I was looking for.

Fast forward 2 years & I opened my own in-person Kinesiology practice in Brisbane, Australia. My first week of clients was a fully booked schedule of weaving invisible magic with my clients. Success! Surely this would bring me a sense of deeper living I was craving?

12 months after my clinic opened I was back at square one. I had invested too much and yet I felt shackled to my practice, I was exhausted & worse – I didn’t fully believe in what I was doing.

Clients would come in for me to ‘energetically diagnose’ their issue, then magic it away (which I did). It felt false. Some part of me didn’t sit well with this way of “healing”.

My own body (bless her!) started speaking to me (again) – but the model of “healing” I was working with simply wasn’t up to the job…

My body was guiding me deeper.  Asking me to listen more closely.
To not magic away her pain.
But rather to enter it fully.

To inhabit and understand her at the deepest level.
The level beyond the mind, beyond thoughts.

To become masterful in her deepest currents – her inner world of sensation, feeling & emotions.

It was then that I finally understood… my entire life had been headfirst. Making decisions from facts rather than feels. Valuing more what I thought than what I sensed. Totally dis-embodied. Living from the neck up.

My body, like many women’s bodies, I was numb. Sure I felt emotions & feelings, but I was living in a tiny percentage of my bandwidth.

It showed…
+ I lived in my head & ignored the needs of my body
+ I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable emotions, so I ate them away & numbed them out
+ I had to ‘fix’ my physical imperfections (like acne & my weight) rather than embracing the entirety of this physical temple
+ I often couldn’t tell you what my truth, or boundary, or opinion was, because it was smothered under all the things I needed to be for everyone to love me
+ I was looking for my purpose outside me, rather than living as my purpose
+ Sensuality was a performance, rather than a current I could effortlessly tap into
+ I had to work hard for success, rather than magnetize it in

So much of my life wasted in my head.

But how to get into this body? How to inhabit ME more fully?

I had no idea, no map, no guide.

So I simply sat (tip: I later discovered embodiment works better when you MOVE your body!) & kept dropping in.

Layers of tension & hidden shames revealed themselves. It wasn’t pretty. There was a lot of snot & tears.

Underneath that tension & shame was ME.
The fluid, flowing, feeling me.
THIS was the depth I had been searching for.

Depth is not theoretical. It is experiential.

Our bodies are the only temples we can HAVE that experience within. And my body was ONLINE. I was inhabiting her fully, I was (I am) the feminine embodied.

(Note: It’s also essential to know this didn’t just magically happen overnight. Inhabiting yourself fully is an every-day practice. Embodiment is a skill. Albeit a skill that very few of us are taught, encouraged to learn, or see modeled in the world around us.)

From here shit got real. Weaving this work in with my client creating stellar results for them (& felt deeply sincere for me). I began to work with more women, from more countries/backgrounds/identities. I took my business online & traveled with it. I met my (now) husband. Opportunities were landing on my lap (I believe this was the inherent quality of MAGNETISM at play) & my small practice grew into a company with an amazing team who all live (& love) feminine embodiment.

In addition to my personal explorations in feminine embodiment, I also sought out every embodiment related training out there (there were/are still not many!). I trained as a Non-Linear Movement Method Teacher with Michaela Boehm, studied the impact of trauma on the body with Bessel VanDerKolk, dived into the teachings of Peter Levine & many, many more.

At some point, my past-clients began asking if I could teach them how to coach this way too. Thus in 2017 the School of Embodied Arts & first Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification was born.

Embodiment is a skill that I still have to practice, every day. When I let it slide, life becomes shallow, dry, full of to-do-lists & stress that I don’t understand. But when I show up to practice (through movement practices like this one) and dance with my depth as a woman, I am rewarded with living AS that More I was searching for.

If you too are on this journey let’s stay connected – join me for regular (1-2 weekly) love notes & new podcast episodes (sign up below)…


+ I’m the first in my family to go to University, although I no longer use my degrees in Pharmacy
+ My husband is Dutch & we spend our year between my home (Australia) & his (Holland).
+ I have a baby daughter who is (like me) a Leo
+ I’m a feminist & environmentalist


  • As a result of FECC I feel so much more positivity and enthusiasm in my life and for every aspect of my life – family, work, entrepreneurship, relationships. I had hesitations about my ability to cover the financial cost but followed by heart & now I literally feel like anything is possible. I feel steady, grounded, capable.

    The course content and delivery is generous and supportive. So deep and thorough. The teaching team are authentic and inspiring embodied women who hold a clear and safe space for whatever shows up. All of me felt welcome. There have been very few spaces in my life where I felt sufficient patience, acceptance, and kindness to relax and be myself in a new way.

    This course is an absolute gift to your soul and the collective up-leveling of humanity. If you are feeling the call, follow it boldly! You won’t be sorry.


  • FECC was life-changing. It helped me understand my body and my emotions with greater depth and insight than ever before. Before coming to FECC I was numb and engulfed in grief and loss after losing my sister to cancer. The tools and the practices introduced were a catalyst for my healing – teaching me to embody this discomfort and find expression for it. Having this community and training alongside my support network (family, friends, therapist) was invaluable in this period of my life. Having access to these sensations has also brought me a greater understanding of the impact of Alopecia Areata on my life and assisted in bringing to light how I can work with other women with similar journeys.


  • As a result of FECC I feel more energetically embodied. I’ve released the need for things to be perfect, I have more self-compassion & I’ve finally found my place. I feel totally aligned & part of such a richly supportive community. This program and the team is honestly so great.


  • As a result of FECC, I feel excited and confident about starting my coaching career. Jenna is a wonderful, heart-led mentor, who shares her wisdom, knowledge, and experience to create a course full of thought-provoking, body provoking content that inspires long-lasting, self-determined change. The FECC is far more than learning how to coach, Jenna and her team support you to go on your own journey of embodied discovery, not only giving you the tools you need to coach, but also the integrity and authenticity of having walked the path your future clients will take.