Ancestral Embodiment with Sharandeep Kaur & Jen Murphy

November 13, 2021


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Embodiment is a way of being central to many ancient indigenous teachings, yet many cultural practices & lineages have been lost, silenced, or colonized.

Many of us don’t know the practices of our foremothers or how they connected to their bodies.

In this roundtable discussion, I’m joined by two embodiment practitioners and past graduates of our coaching certification program for a discussion about ancestral embodiment.

Jen Murphy, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Mythologist, and Anthropologist and Sharandeep Kaur, Ayurveda & Tantra Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation teacher bring their rich cultural heritage and personal explorations to consider the impact of our ancestry on our body relationship for modern women.

In this discussion with Jenna Ward, Sharandeep Kaur & Jen Murphy we explore:

  • Two diverse ancestral experiences from Sharandeep’s Punjabi & Sikh roots and Jen’s Irish roots
  • How these women came to explore their own ancestral embodiment
  • The different phases of the journey & the gifts they’ve experienced as a result
  • First steps for getting started with your own practice of ancestral remembering & embodiment



Founder, Celtic School of Embodiment. Feminine Embodiment Coach, Mythologist and Anthropologist

Jen Murphy is a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Mythologist and Anthropologist. She is the creator of Celtic Embodiment, a transformational modality that fuses Feminine Embodiment Coaching with her indigenous, Celtic Mythology. Jen believes that by dropping native story into the body, and exploring its resonance within the frame of our own lived experiences, we can create a sublime force to truly come home to ourselves, and re-root in our sovereign power.

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Feminine Embodiment Coach & Healing Arts Practitioner

Sharandeep Kaur is a British-Punjabi, Sikh woman living in Singapore. She is a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Ayurveda & Tantra Practitioner, and Yoga & Meditation teacher. She weaves together Feminine Embodiment coaching, teachings from Ayurveda, Tantra, and feminine spirituality from her Indian roots. Sharandeep believes awakening shakti, our feminine essence, allowing the body to lead, and reconnecting to embodied ancestral, feminine practice leads to profound healing, belonging, wholeness, and liberation.

Find her work: / IG: @sharandeepkaur_

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