Pleasure & Privilege in Challenging Times with Bonnie Bliss

April 13, 2020


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Pleasure. Who can be concerned with it, at times like these…?!

When you can’t leave your house & are stressed AF…

When you’re reading about the situations of refugees & those less fortunate than you…

Pleasure seems like a really REALLY irrelevant concept.

But is it? 

Today I’ve invited pleasure expert Bonnie Bliss to join us on the podcast & discuss why (and how) we can cultivate pleasure, especially in challenging times like these. 

In our conversation we explore: 

  • Coping with intensity: How can we orientate to pleasure as a necessity 
  • The privilege of pleasure & why you feel guilty when others can’t/don’t access it 
  • What is the role of pleasure as humanity navigates a new way forward 
  • Pleasure capacity & how to re-set your potential 
  • A sweet, simple & delicious pleasure practice to do while you’re in quarantine

Bonnie’s 3month ‘Yoni Club: Women’s Sexual Wellness Training
for Epic Pleasure, Confidence & Aliveness
’ program is currently open for pleasure-business. It’s a program I highly recommend (& will be joining myself).

Bonnie has generously offered our community $50 off her 3month online program ‘Yoni Club: Women’s Sexual Wellness Training, just use the code “JENNA” at checkout for this generous discount on her amazing training.


Bonnie Bliss, Somatic Sexologist & Pleasure Educator

As a Somatic Sexologist & Pleasure Educator specialising in women’s pleasure, Bonnie has spent the last decade supporting thousands of women to feel more confident in the bedroom, feel more sensitivity & pleasure generally, and have epic orgasms. In her women’s sexual wellness training, ‘Yoni Club’, Bonnie takes an uncommon approach to self pleasure, sensual embodiment, orgasm & sexuality that is an antidote to the goal-oriented, tension-based approach that we think is ‘normal’. Bonnie believes that accessing mind-blowing pleasure is a skill that anyone can learn – with practice and the right knowledge.

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My hope is that, as embodied women, we can allow ALL parts of us to be welcome & felt in our bodies. The confused, the expansive, the vulnerable, the pleasurable. We are capable of such deep feeling & those of us with the safety & privilege to cultivate our pleasure must embrace & welcome it. Go all the way. Be saturated.

With love,


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