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June 1, 2020

Attracting a Committed Masculine Man with Anna Rova

Listen on iTunes | Listen on Spotify | Subscribe to the Podcast This podcast is for all the single ladies… ( 🎵 I hope you thought of Beyonce as you read that line) For the entire decade of my 20’s I use to attract the worst men (they were all self centred). Yet I was willing to settle because I was getting “too old” & maybe no one else would pick me. Not a great attitude to hold in finding a life partner. Turns out – a lot of women feel this way. Today on the podcast we’re speaking with […]

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January 8, 2020

Emotional Embodiment as an act of Activism during times of Crisis: Examining how to deal with the Australian Climate Crisis & move forward in meaningful ways

Listen on iTunes | Listen on Spotify | Subscribe to the Podcast The first night my daughter spent away from home was due to a bush fire evacuation. As a home-birthed babe, we’d been happily cocooning for weeks together. Then an (arson lit) fire started on our street & we had to evacuate. Since then, she’s witnessed firsthand another bushfire (at her grandparents’ house). Now her whole country is burning. And she’s not even 6 months old. What kind of future is she facing? Kind messages asking about me/my family have been flooding in these past 2 days as Australia […]

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