Thank you for taking the time to investigate our values, commitments & practices. The School of Embodied Arts, including our entire teaching and support team, are committed to creating inclusive communities where all people are welcome. 

Acknowledgement of Land

We work on Gubbi Gubbi land.

Our headquarters where we create, mother & live is based in South East Queensland, Australia. We acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi (Kabi Kabi) people as the traditional owners of this beautiful and wild land. We recognize that the land was never ceded and we pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their rich culture, and their Elders.


Our values as a School are: 

1. Self Sovereignty: We are not the deciders of your Truth, only you hold that power. We believe you are a gifted and capable woman. Our job is to remind you of your inherent power, and to provide language, frameworks, and practices so that you might realize it more fully. As a self-sovereign woman, you’ll get out of our relationship what you put into it. 

2. Vulnerability: In order to learn and grow we believe you need to get vulnerable. To be challenged and, with kindness and respect, to meet the tender parts of yourself. We promise to lead with vulnerability and celebrate yours. 

3. Justice for Planet & People: Personal transformation, collective liberation, and the health of the planet are linked. We believe everyone has a role to play (and responsibility to) dismantle inequitable, racist, and unsustainable systems – and create more empowering diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures and sustainable ways of living on this Earth.

4. Pleasure: We believe pleasure is a measure of freedom (Adrianne Maree Brown) and all humans deserve to be free. We believe in the personal and collective dismantling of oppressive and suppressive systems (both internally and externally) so that we can be good people & do good work in the world that feels delicious. 

5. Community: By creating a safe community that centers diverse lived experiences we believe women can find more freedom to express themselves more fully and find support. We believe the momentum of a group of aligned women is magic.

“As a result of FECC I feel more energetically embodied. I’ve released the need for things to be perfect, I have more self-compassion & I’ve finally found my place. I feel totally aligned & part of such a richly supportive community. This program and the team is honestly so great.”

Who We Support

The initiatives we support are: 

– Birth for Humankind – Our current charity partner providing and advocating for respectful pregnancy, birth and early parenting support for women experiencing social and financial disadvantage
Green Fleet – Not-for-profit organisation for carbon offsetting of all staff travel and client gifts 

What we don’t support

Things we don’t support and don’t believe in: 

– We have zero-tolerance for hate speech, white supremacy, racist behavior, or discrimination.
– We don’t believe in spiritual superiority or spiritual bypassing
We don’t believe that love and light will save humanity, or this Earth – real action is required by every human if our cultures and systems are to change. 


Below you’ll find podcast episodes and other resources that might also be of use to you: 

– Find out more about our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training for Coaches with Guest Teacher Trudi Lebron as part of the Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification program – full curriculum available here.

– Podcast: Jenna speaks with Trudi Lebron on Equity Centred Coaching: Navigating Social Impact Responsibilities for Coaches
Podcast: Jenna speaks with past student Priscilla Rodgers about Trauma, Race & Pleasure 
Podcast: Emotional Embodiment as an act of Activism during times of Crisis: Examining how to deal with the Australian Climate Crisis & move forward in meaningful ways

Have more questions or desire to clarify something? The best place to reach out is so we can help you make an informed decision.