Light & Dark Worker: Which is true for you?

April 11, 2018


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There are sooo many different names & labels for women working in the transformational space these days.

Coaches. Mentors. Guides. Healers. Teachers.
Light workers. Dark workers. Embodiment. Soul. Psychic. Tantric. Sharman.

It’s hard to keep up with who you want to work with!
And if you’re in the industry, it’s harder still to know what to call yourself!

Today we’re having a look at what the difference is, and what’s true & resonant for you as a woman – because it’s not a one size fits all model!

It’s obvious that any word we put around this topic are exactly that – words. They are labels, containers and mental constructs which help me to communicate concepts to you, and for you to mentally understand.

But there is soooooooo much more than our mental body. Our energy, emotional & physical body all have a place at the table – which is critical to acknowledge in the discussion of light and dark.

Because very broadly put, light workers are those who desire to transcend the dense human realm, and leap off into light and love.

While dark workers and those who are ready to descend into the shadow, the uncomfortable, and that means they are usually working through THE BODY.

For many ages, many types of religion have espoused that our skin is sinful and that in order to ascend, we must leave behind or worldly attachments, and this gross physical body, to transcend it.

Just think about Eve who sampled the beautiful textures of that forsaken apple, and in retribution and punishment of her sin, she was cast down in skin. Naked skin, what a shameful punishment hey?

The power of a woman who is truly free in her body is so fast and magical that women have been burnt as witches, shamed and tabooed, sold in advertising and conditioned to suppress over many ages.

We’ve been told it’s not safe to let our true feminine out.

To this end, many of us go looking for the answers and for spiritual advancement outside ourselves. Up into the cosmos, away from our body, we search looking for something to alleviate the very uncomfortable condition of feeling & being in this human body. Something we can aspire to that isn’t as risky and forbidden as the full feminine that lives in here.

In the past decade, to some degree, lightworkers have reinforced this belief by presenting spirituality and healing as something that happens as a force outside ourselves, beyond our body.

But these ages are over.

People, women, in particular, are no longer willing to believe the story that our bodies are sinful. We are no longer willing to feel shame living here, in these glorious feminine temples.

And it’s about time we caught on – because the Earth needs us here.

She doesn’t need us leaving this physicality behind. She needs us here, on this home base, drawing out our light and love to be embodied on the planet.

And so we have entered the age of the dark workers.

The dark workers amongst us are named so because they work in the shadows, the dense, the heavy. Shifting through the shadows of the unwelcomed, unintegrated, unexpressed parts of ourselves, shifting the sins and shame we feel in our skin, so that our light can shine through in here.

But the light of the dark worker isn’t only the brilliance of white light, which is exquisite.

What the dark worker inspires in you is also the light of your red anger and frustration, the tender light of your truth, the full spectrum light of all of your colors and all of your shades being welcome in this body.

She wants the light of your inner rainbow and the thunderstorm to be free.

This is the frequency the dark worker desires.
All of you.

Ultimately, any label we put around the way we work, or who we want to work with are mental constructs that help us to communicate using the language of words.

A woman, or a worker, whether she’s light or dark, cannot be summed up in words.
A woman, cannot be contained by a single label, or container.

We are more immense than that.
We can and will dance down every end of the spectrum – dark to light – that is needed, at any given time,
when we are free to be all of who we are.

Pleasure and pain.
Light and dark.

So who should you work with? I’m always a fan of feeling into who I resonate with most deeply. Irrespective of what a woman calls herself, each light and dark worker will be holding their own embodied resonance, a quality that you are either drawn to or not.

Trust your body to guide you.

And what should you call yourself if you’re a practitioner, healer, coach? Well, personally I don’t try to put too many labels or boxes around what I do, again I let the embodied resonance of the work draw in the clients that who are destined to join us.

Women who work the embodied way are drawing all the colors – from light to dark – through this body to be here, practically, in real time in the world.
To support rich living, full experiences and a whole heap more feminine fuel available in the world.

We are the full spectrum women.

So I’d love to know if you resonate more with being a light or dark worker? Leave us a comment below & sign up for more from the School of Embodied Arts.

We’re an international community of women living & working the embodied way and I’m thrilled you’ve found us.

Don’t forget, sharing is caring. If you have a friend who might be interested in this topic send it her way. The more embodied women living, loving, mothering, working & leading in the world – the richer this earth will be.

With love,


8 Comments on “Light & Dark Worker: Which is true for you?”

  1. This is absolutely fabulous. I do feel that I lean more towards shadow work. kicking up the dust in myself and in others in uncomfortable spaces so that they can be examined, embraced and loved in the same way ‘the light’ side of ourselves are.

    Society teaches us not to honor the dark, the uncomfortable. But we must in order to experience the full spectrum of what healing really is about.

    Thanks so much for sharing about this topic Jenna! ❤️

  2. Hi Jenna,
    Loved this blog! Thank you for sharing!
    I loved the way you initially presented the polarities of Light and Dark, then blew them both out to present a greater truth! Including both! Wonder-full!

    Using this terminology, I would describe myself as a Light and Dark Worker for I have learned that ‘everything’ belongs in Love! The light the.dark, the good the bad, the ugly the beautful, the.tidy the.messy…❤

  3. I am neither. I am embodied. I just can’t get behind these labels and polarities. We must be this or that. I think the new dark worker buzz word so many are starting to use and create marketing around, is still bypassing. Most of those offering this work are not trauma informed. Many teaching shadow work are bypassing trauma yet claiming to heal it. It just doesn’t resonate for me.

  4. Absolutely fascinating! I barely learned about dark workers today but I completely resonate, your description matches a poem I wrote about a year ago “I want to feel all the shades that life has to offer, even if they are red, even if they are painful”

  5. Hi, it’s interesting that you reference only woman as light/dark workers? I am finally understanding some of the depths of this calling and I feel I practice the dark work which intern helps people/woman bring out all that they are. I have met so many people/woman over the years that are trapped in their bodies, helping them to see and face those things deep inside that have bound them is beyond fulfilling. I am comfortable knowing that this is who I am and helping people release those pains and restrictions is just a part of my calling. I applaud all who embrace their spirit, the flows of energy is boundless. Thank you for helping me understand things a bit clearer, this is an ongoing journey that I embrace fully.

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