Mothering in Pandemic with Kate Leiper: How to dismantle the good mother syndrome & unsMother ourselves

April 27, 2020


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Earlier this morning I found myself hiding in the spare room, trying to squeeze in some uninterrupted writing time. I felt a certain cheeky-glee escaping the domestic duties & care of our babe for an hour.

Although it felt good-natured, I wondered about other mums who are also ‘stealing’ uninterrupted time right now.

Other mums who might also feel their household duties have increased 100-fold….

This topic is a giant theme in my conversations with friends of late. And it’s not just our households that are affected…

Across the board ‘caregiving’ is impacting women’s ability to express like never before.

Yesterday I read an article titled “Women academics seem to be submitting fewer papers during coronavirus. ‘Never seen anything like it,’ says one editor.”.

So I thought who better to come and speak about this challenge (& opportunity) than Kate Leiper?

Kate is a Psychotherapist & Feminine Embodiment Coach with a beautiful body of work for mothers ready to get UnsMothered. 

Enter this week’s new Podcast Ep: Mothering in times of Pandemic with Kate Leiper: How to dismantle the good mother syndrome & unsMother ourselves

In this conversation Kate & I invite you to explore with us:

  • How mothers are often the ones to pick up the slack during busy times (like crisis)
  • How to accept the Sacred Pause this global situation presents (if you choose to)
  • Letting go of the good mother syndrome
  • How to do mothering ‘ self-development’ when you have no time
  • What our own internal-shaming does to our kids

Kate knows her shit when it comes to discovering the vibrant, multifaceted woman you are beyond mothering.

If you’re a nurturer or mother this is definitely a podcast you need, this week.

Kate also has a free Sanity Rescue Cheatsheet for Mothers (we discuss it on the podcast towards the end) but the direct link is here:


Kate Leiper
Psychotherapist & Feminine Embodiment Coach

Kate works with game-changing women who desire a deeper connection to self as a path to authentic expression, with the intent of creating positive global change. Trauma-informed and honoring the interplay of mind, body, and soul, Kate guides women into awakening their multi-faceted feminine magic and owning their brilliance as embodied mothers, lovers, and leaders.

Find Kate here:

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