How To Move From “It’s All So Hard” Into Embodied Ease

April 13, 2016


At the time, I didn’t know.

But all my sweetness had dried up.

I was harder, more cynical, less juicy and free.

The sweet part of me, that witnesses the magic of the world and holds possibilities in her heart, had shut up shop and vacated for the summer.

And I was feeling the affects.

My yoga practice was more habit than it was play.

I was living in paradise and not seeing anything of beauty.

I was tired.

It was all too hard.

Know the feeling?

When you are just so overwhelmed by the sheer task ahead of you.

When you’re doing the sums trying to work out how you could possibly have the time/energy/money to make it all work.

You’re so in your head… and then the logic runs out.

It’s exhausting. It’s frustrating. And you wonder for a moment if you should just quit.

Thank God for me a miracle arrived in the form of some awareness.

As I asked myself the question, “why is this all so hard?” I found the magic ingredient that I was missing.

My sweetness.

Not the polite sweetness of the docile daughter.

Or the PG sweetness of a Disney film.

Rather the sweet innocence, the pure magic of a heart so in love with witnessing the magic of the world around her.

I had none of it left. My tank was dry.

And yet some wise part of me said…

Woman. You need to embody this sweetness. And cultivate it in your life. It’s the energy, the essence that you desperately need right now.

And so I began to play.

With wearing a white lace top and a strand of pearls in the middle of the Bali heat…

With a soundtrack of some light-hearted music….

With a deliberate pause to witness the magic of the trees dancing in the wind outside my villa doors…

I began to play with the wonder of the world. I began to pause more. And call in the light, playful energy of my sweetness.

And the strangest thing started to happen….

I found that after a day or two of trying, my sweetness began to arrive with total ease.

I moved from conscious effort, to embodied ease.

My man commented how pure and sweet I was.

I found myself being more generous with my smiles.

My heart lightened.

And suddenly the task that was overwhelming me felt lighter and more magical.

Consciously embodying an essence of the feminine is a potent way to upgrade your energy.

It is a simple act of radical self-love.

In my group program, The Embodied Woman, I teach awake + aware women how to embody potent, sensual and wise feminine essences as a way to unlock confidence, passion + a whole heap of power. It’s sexy stuff and I’ll be sharing more with you in the coming weeks.

But just for now, I would love to know from you…

What essence, or quality, do you need to embody?

And how would that quality have you be?

Ask yourself, if you were to take this essence into your heart…

How would you dress?

What would you eat?

Where would you go after work?

How would you move your body?

What would you say to yourself in the mirror when you caught your reflection?

Let me know in the comments section below…

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