Why we need to embrace our STUCK:
How feeling confused + broken is actually generating you new wisdom

August 3, 2016


You’re feeling stuck, uninspired. Unable to make decisions, or move forward with any clarity.

I feel you. I’ve lost count of the times I felt that way as well. The most recent of which being yesterday.

Sitting on a beautiful beach in the North of Spain, with all the freedom in the world, a caring man by my side + cute new swimwear on. I felt stuck. And it got me thinking – f*ck how can this feeling be back again?!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that feeling STUCK tends to come in cycles. One moment you are feeling on top of the world, aligned, clear, magnetic.

Then boom! Your happiness turns off, your spark, your brightness, your feeling good is slowly drained by this sense of… depression, sadness, flat.

Sugar intake increases, your regular good habits go out the window. The comparison trap starts up again.

You can’t quite remember how you got out of it last time. But there has to be a way, surely?

There is. There is a way to move out of the STUCK and into the ALIGNMENT .

STEP ONE: Stop resisting the stuck

Feeling stuck persists for longer than necessary when we try to be productive, and keep moving forward, despite this undercurrent of stress.

It’s an alluring option to just keep pushing on, particularly for the 99% of the population (myself included) who are deeply conditioned to resist the things that don’t feel good, instead of feeling the things that don’t feel good.

We look everywhere for the solution….

  • Perhaps it’s because I haven’t had enough green juice?
  • Perhaps it’s because I haven’t been to my yoga class?
  • Perhaps it’s because I’m living in the wrong place?
  • Or dating the wrong person?

In an (futile) attempt to maintain productivity we attempt to adjust one or two external conditions and expect the STUCK to stop. We try to plan our way to better. It never works.

Your STUCKNESS is so present right now because it wants to be felt.

It wants you to slow down and be less productive (right now).

I struggle SO much with this one. Slowing down is not my natural set point, which makes my experience of STUCK go on for far, far too long.  

We must remember….

  • You are not broken if you feel stuck.
  • You are not full of blocks if you feel stuck.
  • You are not “not enough” if you feel stuck.
  • You are not less than <insert who ever you are comparing yourself to> if you feel stuck.
  • You are not emotionally unsound if you feel stuck.

You are a woman who, by her divine nature, feels and even this STUCKNESS wants to be felt. 


STEP TWO: Express the stuck

Once you’ve slowed down, you have space to liberate the STUCK from your body by EXPRESSING it.

A powerful woman is free to embody all of her many faces. The polite and put together face. The powerful and sensual face. And the ugly and raw face as well.

All these sides of us as women, as goddesses, have their rightful place. Expressing this energy of stuck, which is sitting like a heavy cloud over your heart is the way to begin to liberate that energy + send it OUT through your nervous system.

So how could you embody your stuck?

Do you just want to take a big breath in and cry, cry cry?
Do you want to take a loud exhale?
Do you want to sit in stillness and feel the stuck within your heart + body?
Do you want to dance out the stuck?
Do you want to unleash and scream?

Me: I do all of the above.

Once I create space to be with the stuck usually a wave of emotions, and frustrations, and tensions will want to be stretched and yawned and cried and sounded out of my body.

I did this recently on the train. I was overwhelmed my feeling stuck + sick in my belly, tears started streaming down my face.

I began to think – expressing this much emotions isn’t really socially acceptable – is it?

Yet the tears wanted to come, and so I permitted it (and began to feel SO MUCH BETTER). 

STEP THREE: Collect your wisdom

Every time we come out the other side of feeling STUCK we are wiser, more loving + more true to who we really are.

We’ve been through a dark night, we’ve gone to the depths of our shadows and our fears – and learnt to LOVE them, and bring them back to wholeness.

This makes you an infinitely more loving, self-loving + wise as a woman who has more courage, conviction + authenticity than when she began.

This is why so many of us are experiencing these crazy periods of stuckness/upgrades right now.

Our collective human energy is expanding + upgrading, and on a personal level this means we are being called to stretch out into the depths of our true self + reclaim our full wisdom.

The highest vibration is LOVE. And when we can stop resisting, and start expressing our STUCK – just as much as we embrace + express our HAPPY – we are the embodiment of radical self-love.

You are the most beautiful work of art on the planet. You are a masterpiece, and until your dying days you will be learning, exploring + experiencing new wonders within yourself.

Taking a moment to ask what did I learn?

For me – my learning is often the same thing.

Over and over, in different ways at different depths.

I am enough.

I am enough.

I am enough.

When I am productive, when I am stuck, when I am sad, when I feel broken, when I feel whole, and every moment in between.

All of this is welcome. All of it is permitted. I am willing to embrace and embody all of it.

This is the action of ultimate self-love.


So now it’s your turn:

  • Are you in a cycle of stuck right now?
  • Or have you recently found some of your own wisdom you would like to share?

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11 Comments on “Why we need to embrace our STUCK:
How feeling confused + broken is actually generating you new wisdom

  1. Great post Jenna. Just what I needed to hear. Stuck & realised it was not low self esteem but high expectations that were holding me back. That whole go with the flow rather then setting impossible standards. Aaaah it keeps sneaking up on me time & time again. Thanks

  2. Amazing! Youve simplified this truth so well and it resonates with me greatly. Exactly what i needed to read right now, i find my “stuckness” lasting for hours and sometimes days before i allow myself to dive deep into it fully and come out the other side with wisdom and closer allignment. I have been thinking for a while that feelings of depression are not commonly identified in spirituality in this way but through my own experience of entering these feelings, i began to believe more and more that this is where the gold lies.. thank you for noting that even this is a face; of the goddess as well. Love love! Xoxo

    • Such a powerful truth Emily. Depression, which is just the label for sadness, is yet another face of the Goddess. And when we embrace this in LOVE (and spirituality, if anything IS the practice of love). We are free to return to whole. So grateful for you reading beauty x

  3. Hmmm Jenna thank you for your article.. I often find myself in STUCK. However my issue is that I am NOT busy, I am NOT always moving, running around, active, busying myself. I have SLOWED down. And I think this is where my stuck is! 😉 So in fact I need the opposite!
    With love… <3

    • Oh so true Arcadia. My personality type is FAST and so slowing is where I find my challenge. For you the opposite is true – and this is just as insightful. So in the slow, the same concept – is there permission to BE with the stuck? Is there space to express the stuck?

      Thank you so much for highlighting this super important view!

  4. Hi Jenna,
    what a great article!
    I am sooooooo happy to read and to see that the new power is to show up in full vulnerabilty!
    Thank you so much. So relieving! So much relaxation and truth.
    Much love,

  5. I can totally relate to this article of being ‘stuck’ and I’ve been telling myself it’s because I didn’t do enough or I am not working hard enough that things went downhill and I have tried to not lose control when I feel like shouting or crying or venting my displeasure so I channelled every waking hour to my work but that too is suffering cos I have little or no concentration, understanding and I lose focus many times. I am glad I saw this article today and I’ve learnt that it’s ok to slow down and express the emotions.
    thank you so much

    • Ah so critical Terrence – When all our life force energy is bound up in unexpressed tension (often emotional tension) it’s impossible to move forward. At this time it’s so critical we drop the idea of suffering being because something/you/your work is not enough! x

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