Feminine Coaches are creating new lineages that let the body lead by guiding clients deep into their own power & pleasure.

We prioritize depth, we believe in emotional empowerment & we stand for sensuality. It’s the total opposite of head-based-strategy & goal-setting… and it’s the exact medicine this world needs right now. In this podcast series for women who want to coach the feminine way, founder of the School of Embodied Arts, Jenna Ward invites us in to a new way to work…

#1 New Lineages of Feminine Coaches with Jenna Ward Listen on iTunesDownload the .mp3 | Stream in new window

  •  The current reality of our hyper-masculine transformational space
  •  Why so many women & coaches are spontaneously awakening to the feminine
  •  What feminine lineages are & how weave together embodiment and the body
  •  We learn about the Sensitivity Spectrum & why it’s so essential to appreciate 

  •  How to access your uniqueness as a practitioner in the constellation of a busy transformation space

Ep2: Letting the Body Lead vs Mental Masturbation for Coaches Listen on iTunes | Download the .mp3 | Stream in new window

  • The difference between mental-dimension-modalities and the story-our-soma-holds 

  • How I got started as a coach (and felt totally blocked & unable to move forward in my coaching business)
  • Exploring the 4 big barriers to letting the body lead: worth, procrastination, perfectionism & analysis paralysis 
  • Exploring the Embodied Goal Setting process to use for yourself & with clients
  • Examining our non-conscious stores of success & the standards we hold ourselves to Can’t wait to hear your reply once you’ve listened in! Let us know your insights, ah-ha’s or Q’s in the comments below!

Ep3: Who are you to do this work? Cultivating the Confidence to Coach Listen on iTunes | Download the .mp3 | Stream in new window

  • Feeling like a Fraud: The right of passage all coaches go through (more than once)
  • The sneaky signs your confidence is lacking – servitude, breaking boundaries & over giving
  • We explore our personal “Line of Activation”, the silver lining & deeper reason WHY we go through this challenge 
  • Embodied resonance, mirror neurons & owning our power as coaches and leaders
  • Practical tips & questions to ask to get you connected with sincere confidence

Ep4: Embodied Resonance & Personal Mastery for Coaches Listen on iTunesDownload the .mp3 | Stream in new window Over the past 7+ years, I’ve been cultivating a vault of personal nuggets of gold. Personal rules, standards & reminders that have made all the difference in my business.

  • When I’ve received criticism from others
  • When I’ve not been the most popular or visible in the space
  • When I’ve questioned, “am I really (really?!?!) meant to be doing this?”
  • When I’ve needed to ensure my integrity
  • When I’ve had to learn to do things ‘my way’

I’ve come back, time & time again, to these ‘rules’. Now a warning: My rules won’t be YOUR rules (and they shouldn’t be). But they are an incredibly useful opportunity to reflect on your own path to success. Would love you to join me on this conversation on my 8 rules of success as a woman, coach & leader.

Ep5: Real Life Wild Success with Established Feminine Coaches In this 2 part episode, we speak with 2 established coaches working with the feminine arts. I’ve personally worked with both these women who use the feminine arts in diverse areas of life. In EP 5 Part 1 we speak with Susana Frioni, Erotic Empowerment Coach & Hostess of the Love, Sex, Desire Podcast about:

  • Susana’s journey from the world of fitness into group & private coachin
  • Susana’s definition of “expertise”
  • How Susana’s own relationship & intimacy challenges have shaped her work
  • The challenges of ‘taking things slow’ and following your own rhythm

EP5 Part 1: Stream | Download | Listen on iTunes

In EP5 Part 2 we speak with Marcela Widrig from Fierce Embodiment about:

  • Marcela’s departure from a traditional model of working 1-1 into her own unique style of magic
  • How Marcela works with her still-present insecurities
  • The key supports & helpers on Marcela’s journey

EP5 Part 2: Stream | Download | Listen on iTunes

Ep6: The Journey to Become a Feminine Coach, Stories from Students Listen on iTunesDownload the .mp3 | Stream in new window Each woman brings her own embodied experience, flavor & expertise to the way she works & coaches. No two coaches are alike. Yet we might use the same tools, structure and view. At the School of Embodied Arts we believe it’s important to cultivate both these aspects with all our students:

  1. The masculine structure, container and supports of a reliable coaching system
  2. The feminine feeling, flowing aliveness of the individual practitioner that makes their work sincere & deeply authentic

In today’s podcast we’re speaking with 3 current students of our feminine embodiment coaching certification to get a feel of the diverse flavors they each bring to embodiment tools. American Simone Turner inspired by empowering black women to redefine their boundaries. Kate Leiper from Australia, early experiences with empowered birth shaped her path as an empowered woman & mother. From Sweden Hanne Lina’s past experiences of deep grief & tragedy re-shaped her future. Diverse, beautiful stores from women all around the globe sharing the tools of feminine embodiment their way.

Interested in becoming a Feminine Coach?

The Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification is a 6month, internationally recognized, professional coaching training for women seeking to become a coach or expand their coaching skill set to include feminine embodiment presence, principles & practices.

Feminine Embodiment Coaching is a sensation-based style of coaching which lets the body lead. At the heart of this inquiry is the multi-layered, inter-connected play of pleasure, purpose & power.