When“shoulds” are leading your life {Special Podcast Ep!}

March 4, 2020


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Shoulds (noun)

Invisible expectations that derail our decisions & override our deep truth

Recently I was speaking with a client about common “shoulds”… 

I “should” take this job because it’s the most logical next step

I “should” maintain this friendship because we’ve got such history 

I “should” be in charge of the child-rearing because it’s what mothers do

(^^that last one is mine if I’m honest!)

When “shoulds” are running the show, we can quickly find ourselves feeling powerless, resentful & repressing what we really desire. 

One of my recent clients was ready to untangle the people-pleasing SHOULDS, for good.

Today I have (what I hope is) an incredibly special edition of the podcast – an invitation to join me & one of my coaching clients, in session.

This private client has consented to their de-identified & vulnerable coaching experiences to be shared with us as a way for us to navigate our own way into great emotional empowerment & magnetic aliveness as women.

In this special podcast episode we dive into: 

  • A real-life coaching situation
  • Untangling the “shoulds” in friendships
  • Guilt – why we avoid it & what’s underneath it
  • How to stop intellectualizing everything & start truly understanding what’s going on by letting the body lead 
  • What to do when you don’t understand what you feel or why you’re acting the way you are

This is the first time I’ve invited you to join me behind the scenes in a coaching session on the podcast. I’m excited & a little curious about how it will be received…! Once you’ve listened in, please leave me a comment below & let me know what landed, or what you’re insights post-listen were – I’d be so grateful if you did! 

If you’d like to find out more about this way of coaching, you can learn more about the 6-month professional Feminine Embodiment Coaching Session at www.feminineembodimentcoaching.com

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