You’re Invited: Feminine Fuel 5 Day Embodiment Challenge

April 4, 2019


Question for you,

Q: What do chaos, anger & ugliness have in common?
A: They are all feminine fuel.

In just 1 week we begin the Feminine Fuel 5-day Embodiment Challenge.

Our first three days examine the raw & real topics of…

  • Feeling chaotic & out of control
  • Anger, blame & resentment and
  • Ugliness

As our fuel to redefine our relationship with pleasure & power as women.

This experience isn’t about fixing anything. It’s about expanding the capacity that you know is intrinsically built into you as a woman. This work is POTENT & I cannot wait to begin!!!

We kick off Friday, April 19th
Click here to RSVP & join us in the free challenge

TEW19-FF5DC-Slider Free

When you join you’ll receive a daily challenge email containing:

  • A short audio welcome& fresh perspective on one of our feminine fuel topics (5-7mins)
  • An if-you-dare-challenge (to do in the comfort of your own home) which draws on feminine embodiment principles
  • You’ll also be invited to join our pop-up Facebook group for community, accountability & questions (because it’s better when we do it together)

Starting April 19, 2019

Hope to see you there!

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