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June 11, 2019


This Thursday I’m holding a free workshop on Feminine Leadership for entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches & leaders. Details are here: jennaward.co/ease

The decision to run this free event was made after an appointment with my accountant, to do some mid-year planning (I felt so grown up!).

My business started in the spare living room of my boyfriend’s house

Charging $60/hour for energy medicine balances, with a clientele of mostly friends. At that point, the idea of even being an “entrepreneur” was totally foreign to me.

My priorities were:

  • Do beautiful work with clients
  • Work for myself
  • Be creatively & expressively fulfilled

Like most, I’d spent multiple years training to gain the skills, qualifications & ability to do beautiful work with clients (essential first step!).

But I’d spent next to NO time learning about entrepreneurship.

Figuring out HOW to a successful entrepreneur took the better part of the next 5-7 years.

In the start-up phases of most businesses, we learn the ‘typical formula’ for running our work.

It’s based on the model of capitalist masculine economy = make money by working hard

After trialing that model, I knew/felt/intuited that this way of working wasn’t for me.

Doing more, following more formulas, taking the practical steps that never-quite-felt-deeply-right simply wasn’t bringing the success I desired.

There was a knowing deep within me that love, abundance & success wanted to have its way with me – if only I could let it…

So I began looking outside the box, finding ways I could run a successful business based on the principles I deeply love, the principles of the feminine.

There’s a lot said on this topic of “ease” and “flow” in business. But it’s surprisingly hard to find women who are truly successful AND doing it with ease & flow.

As I sat down with my accountant, looking at the figures for these past 2 years the reality that my success had actualized.

Plus added into the mix:

  • I personally only work around 15-20 hours week
  • And this has been our norm for coming up to 2+ years now
  • We have 7 team members who work (as part-time contractors) in this amazing biz


And perhaps most important of all:


Not everyone is destined to have the same business model as me.

In fact, replicating someone else’s model is a sure way to waste time.

Rather I believe every coach, creative & leader has every ingredient required for success within her. And with the right way of approaching business & operating as an entrepreneur, we can each create our own version of felt & actualized success.

This way of operating is called Feminine Leadership.

There are 6 governing principles that underpin Feminine Leadership.

Later this week I’m hosting a free 40min workshop where I’ll share them with you.

RSVP to join the workshop here: jennaward.co/ease

(you’ll receive the recording if you can’t make it live)

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  1. I attended the workshop and it was very eye opening. Even as someone who has gone through Jenna’s trainings, I still needed that reminder of not having to show up in more masculine ways in business and life. I was definitely a valuable way to spend 40 mins.

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