Finding a Soul Aligned Career w/ Siobhan Barnes

July 28, 2020


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Are you contemplating a career transition, or in the messy middle of one?

Finding a new career (that’s economically & emotionally healthy) requires a lot of soul searching & decision making power. But it’s worth it. Lately, I’ve been pinching myself that I’ve somehow landed a career that exceeds all my dreams.

Never in a million years would I have thought I would be doing this work – but it’s absolutely the perfect fit for who I am.

In a way, I feel like this work chose me.

This week on the podcast I’ve invited Siobhan Barnes to chat with us about finding a soul-aligned career (as it’s her coaching superpower).

If you feel like a new career path is calling you, this is just the podcast!

Siobhan is a Feminine Embodiment Coach that supports women find & flourish in soul-aligned careers. In this conversation, we’re diving into:

  • Our stories of finding ‘the career’ – including forays into organic skincare & bliss ball businesses
  • Is there one ‘perfect’ thing you’re destined to do?
  • How to illuminate your soul’s gifts
  • Should you just stay in the ‘economically sound’ job at times like these?
  • What to do if you’ve been putting off “making a decision” (or even looking at making a decision) for too long


You can find out your unique soul archetype in Siobhan’s free quiz. I’ve done the quiz – I’m a Sage which surprised me, but once I read more it was totally on point 💯

PPS. If you’re interested in a career as a Feminine Embodiment Coach our September 2020 Class is open for enrolment now. Siobhan is actually one of the trainers in our Certification having graduated from the program herself in 2018! All the details at

– Soulful Executive Coach


I’m a mother, lover, writer, and a soulful executive coach. I help women figure out why you’re here, what you’re here to do, and get to work doing it so that you can live your life in full color without the hustle, grind, and merely surviving.

For 7 years, I’ve been working with women from all across the globe delivering workshops, courses, training programs, and 1:1 engagements.

I specialize in working with compassionate working women who desire to do meaningful work and who desire to live, love, and lead in ways that are sustainable, soul-aligned, and liberating – for themselves, yes, but for others too.

With love,


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