Resistance isn’t Real: How to move through Blocks, Resistances & Self-Sabotages using your body (instead of working again it)

July 24, 2020

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Is there something you’re resisting right now?

I’ve got a long list. There is a big project in my business right now…

This complex, overwhelming, decision-rich situation with tons of unknown factors.

There’s a desire to sink my teeth in on one hand, yet a throw your hands up in the air confusion on the other. There’s so much to do, so much to feel, so much to decide!

I also have some personal devotional practices that I’d love to dive into deeper.

Yet I find myself in avoidance, prioritising everything else above what I know is good for me.

Can you relate with your own resistance?

On the podcast this week we’re looking at our modern management of blocks, resistances & self-sabotages.

Specifically, were diving into:

  • Why it’s detrimental to label your resistance as “resistance”
  • Why you prioritise everything else above that thing you really want to do
  • How resistance binds up our life force energy & reduces our flow
  • What our survival mind has to do with orchestrating resistance
  • The key resource our survival mind needs to meet the overwhelm & complexity of resistance
  • Why our bodies can feel like a place that feels “too much” or “too deeply”
  • When tapping into your radiance & pleasure ALSO causes resistance
  • The pressure of unactualized potential & feeling like you’re never going to get there
  • The role of discipline VS devotion in meeting resistance
  • My 3 steps for figuring this out from a depth first, direction second perspective


Bring along your notebook & pen, as well as your own current resistance to workshop in this super juicy podcast ep!

Would love to hear what lands once you’ve listened in.

With love,


1 Comment on “Resistance isn’t Real: How to move through Blocks, Resistances & Self-Sabotages using your body (instead of working again it)”

  1. Everytime I listen to your podcast my body feels safe & more connected, nurtured by the fresh and insighful content you gracefully express and transmit it with embodied love and passion.

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