How To Be More + Do Less

March 30, 2016


If there is one thing I’ve learnt in this business (of living a soulful life) it’s this.

The way you BE. Is more important than what you DO.

Because while you can ‘do’ all the spiritual practices in the book. Meditation, yoga, green juices…

Unless you are really in love with the woman you are. Unless you are really allowing yourself to BE the fullness of yourself, it’s never going to feel enough.

Just this week I was looking at my business, my lifestyle, my relationships + my bank balance wondering when oh when I would arrive. When would I finally ‘get there’.

The thought was fleeting – but it was there. Yet at one stage in my life this moment of crisis would have me feeling inadequate and overwhelmed. I would have seen myself getting busy DOing everything I humanly could to arrive.

Once upon a time, I would have deluded myself into thinking I was moving forward. Because I was DOing something….

Writing another to-do lists and feeling accomplished as I crossed it off.

Planning and making strategy and get busy (being busy)

Putting my mind to good use, appraising all the variables.

But the truth is:

  • DOing is not an energy that truly inspires.
  • DOing is an energy that gets you no-where-quick, when it’s coming from a place of lack.
  • DOing is an energy for force, one that will quickly shorten your patience + fatigue your adrenals to the point of exhaustion. It’s not sexy.

You and I woman – we are here to BE.

Because when we BE. We are enough.

And from that place all the things we need to do, arrive with so much more ease.

So I propose we all BE more, and DO less. We’ll get so much more done.

Below I’m sharing 3 of my favorite ways to BE more and DO less.

Be with your cycles

Our feminine cycle is a built-in barometer for the energy state of our body. And when we tune in, we instantly connect with clarity around so much of our physical and emotional states.

For years, my period was something I didn’t think about… beyond the wondering if I had a tampon on hand.

But after stopping the pill almost 5 years ago + getting to know my body intimately I began to see my cycle in a whole new light.

In particular, I noticed the dramatic change to my inspiration and creativity when I took rest during the first 1-2 days of bleeding.

Menstruation is the physical state of let-go. It’s a time of deep release within the body. It’s the time to put yourself first, re-set with some deep stillness and nurture your body by going slow and not overdoing it.

While my logical brain encourage me to keep working + moving forward through this period (because you know we all have lives to live), I began to notice that when I skipped my rest, particularly on the first 1-2 days of heavy bleeding, I found it took so much longer to move into inspired action and creativity come the start of my new cycle.

The more aware of my sacred time of bleeding I become, the more I find it a beautiful portal to love my body and myself deeply.

I started tracking my period so I could plan less on my bleeding days, I started using a moon cup and performing intentional letting go rituals during my cycle. It became a time of celebration and I found permission to give myself some well deserved rest.

Be with your rest

Now naturally once we start talking about rest, the old “I have so much to do”, “I couldn’t possibly” starts to arise.

I myself was bleeding last week and yet had a blog due out. I love to write, but at the same time – there was just no inspiration happening because my body wanted rest.

So I told myself, it’s okay to not blog this week. You are bleeding. It’s time for rest.

And yet at the same time that sneaky guilt arrived. The guilt that says you could/should BE MORE.

So for me when I really arrived with this guilt, I ask myself – “why do I feel guilty?”. I asked myself what was at the core of this uncomfortable feeling in my heart.

I found that it was based in a deep fear that I wasn’t doing working hard enough.

Yet again the old pattern of ‘working hard’ for success arose. And yet I know this isn’t my truth. I know my destiny is not to continue the patriarchal ethos of working hard. I know my dharma, my purpose, is embodying feminine ease and flow. Because this is where I feel most alive.

The tension arose. Between where I have been and where I desire to be. The guilt presented itself. I had a choice. To push on and DO – out of lack. Or to rest.

Fear and anxiety are natural parts of the human experience. But when they run through us in this undercurrent of nebulous energy – they are almost impossible to liberate. Which is why it’s so important to BE with the tension.

Be with the tension

We are so used to resisting the things that don’t feel good (like fear, anxiety or guilt) that for most of us it’s our default setting.

Resisting exhaustion.

Resisting guilt

Resisting the part of us that hurt.

Resisting is the greatest source of doing. Because when we refuse to surrender into the vulnerability of BEing with the tension (the pain, the sadness, the experiences we don’t want to feel)… We push ourselves into:

  • Cycles of shining every bright and shiny thing in the hope that it will be the ‘thing’.
  • Or, we stay stuck being stuck. Unable to move out of the resistance, unable to navigate a way forward.

I’ve always been a master at resisting the tension. If there was a way to avoid me feeling something, I would do it.

And that looked like being an overachiever or work-a-holic.

But at the same time. While it’s my weakness, it’s also my greatest strength. And it’s been my ultimate liberation.

Learning to be with the tension + move through it has taken me to depths within myself I didn’t even know were possible.

Being with the tension of ALL of you.

All the parts that you love and that you resist.

Opening, experience, expressing and LOVE all of those parts is where you find your wholeness.

It’s the art of embodying your fullness of a woman.

BEing is the path to falling in love with the woman you already are.

It’s the path of feeling enough.

And to letting the brilliance of your enough-ness touch your intimate relationships + your work in the most authentic way possible.

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