How To Be More Intuitive in 2 Simple Steps

March 9, 2016


Intuition. The nebulous knowing that happens when our soul speaks.

Except, very often our soul doesn’t actually ‘speak’. There is no direct order, no tangible evidence to confirm our beliefs. There is no verification available – which makes the ‘knowing’ hard to trust.

Every single one of us is equally intuitive. Every single one of us has the ability to tune into the whispers of our soul + receive its guidance.

But clearly receiving your intuition + trusting its form is another matter.

In my experience, there are two key practices which help every woman to connect to her intuition with more ease, more trust + more depth. These are two practices I teach to my private mentoring clients, and in my group programs.

They are practices I’ve used in my life – with amazing results.

Know your senses

Intuition can arrive many ways, in many forms.

Each of us has access to all forms of intuition, but typically one or two will often be much stronger than the other.

In my experience most women find they receive their intuition through:

  • Knowing – an overall experience of sensing with all your cells the truth
  • Feeling – experiencing a sensation or emotion in a particular part of the body
  • Seeing – receiving visions or images within your mind’s eye
  • Symbols + signs – witnessing the synchronicity of symbolic situations, events + people within your world.

For myself my intuition often first arrives in knowing (claircognizance). I sense a nebulous truth within me – it doesn’t take the form of an image or words in my mind – it’s more like an attractor field pulling me in a certain direction.

And this knowing is often accompanied by a feeling (clairsentience). A feeling of expansion in my heart, or peace in my body. A feeling of pain where there is holding on, a feeling of constriction when the intuition is guiding me to heal.

Exploring which of your intuitive senses are your strongest is a beautiful way to build trust. Because it gives us the opportunity to verify.

By knowing your strongest senses, you can begin to tune into them actively and use them, in combination, to strengthen your conviction in the soul whisper you’ve received.

For example, if you are a woman particularly sensitive to symbols + signs, but also with a knack for feeling – then tuning into both your intuitive senses individually can help to confirm what you ‘think’ you know.

One of my clients recently began writing a book. She was excited + knew she could do it, but a quiet part of her was afraid to begin working on her dream. Because what if she tried and failed?

The fear was there, the resistance. And so we asked her intuition ‘what would you have me do?’. She felt the knowing – yes, follow this dream – yet doubted. So we tuned into her second strongest sense, her feelings, + a warm glow, from the core of her heart, began to illuminate her. Oh, the truth was there. Yes yes yes. Feel + know it, woman.

Bringing your intuition into the body – and out of your head – is one of the most potent ways to embody + trust your instinct.jenna3

Shut it down

The second most potent way to enhance your intuition is to stop using it!

Stick with me while I explain this one. So many of us are desperate for the intuitive hit to arrive, we are searching, actively concentrating our energy on our third eye, looking, looking constantly searching ourselves and the world around us waiting for inspiration and intuition to arrive.

  • Yet the search can often spill over into FORCE.
  • Where we are trying so hard, that it becomes hard work.
  • As women, the source of our intuition is soft feminine receivership.

Which means – we can’t “work hard for it”. Intuition doesn’t reward you for exhausting yourself. Intuition doesn’t reward you for struggling.

Your intuitive soul wants you to kick back and receive! This is when its wisdom will arrive with most clarity.

To move into intuitive receivership I encourage my clients to:

1. Stop Looking

If the intuition is not arriving, you don’t trust what you received, or you’re not even quite sure what your intuition said – just let go.

Stop looking for the answers. The answers will find you.

I work with so many women who are going around and around in circles in their mind trying to force the answers. Concentrating so hard on receiving the intuition that they come completely out of the body (were the soul resides) and into their head. This only serves to distance us further.

Let go. Put the question aside. Trust that the answer will come. And sent the intent to receive the intuition when the time is right.

When my intuition does not want to come to the party it’s often because something more needs to ‘drop in’ before I can make a choice. Often the decision I think I need to make – is not the decision that needs to be made (at all).

2. Shut down your intuition

If you’ve been in a period of using your intuitive gifts (at work, in business, in your life) and it’s now coming into a time for you to rest, consciously shut down your intuition. You can do this as simply as visualising your crown chakra, on the top of your head, softening and closing off.

Don’t worry – it’s always available for you to re-open!

By shutting it down, you are actively giving your nervous system time to recuperate.

Allowing your nervous system time to rest is essential for women receiving large doses of inspiration, intuition + energy – because unless our physical body is granted the time and space to integrate, it will be to move into stress + eventually force you to take a break (through making you sick).

By shutting down our intuition we are also indirectly re-enforcing the truth that intuition is always accessible to you and it’s safe to not constantly be searching for it.

More than anything – intuition is a practice in trust. The more you practice, the more you trust and the stronger your senses will become.

If you are a woman called to open more deeply to her intuition I would love to invite you to work with me. I currently have two Private Mentoring places available for two women desiring to design a life that turns them on.

Our mentoring is all about coming out of your head, and into your body, as well as connecting with intuitive soul guidance. For the woman ready to embody her worth + create deep relationships and authentic work – I want to connect with you.

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