Interview Policies

Thank you for inviting us to collaborate in your interview/event/other. I’m so honored that you thought of me.

Before we go ahead, here’s a quick overview of what we do (and what we don’t do) so we can make sure we’re all on the same page…

1. Interviews in any format audio/video/written
2. Collaborate with people we know & people interested in developing real relationships
3. We are super happy to share promotions that are aligned, on our own terms

1. Speak with people who don’t have an established platform. If you don’t yet have your website/shiz sorted and we can’t listen to past interviews to see your style…. it’s not a fit for us.
2. Send out a separate email to our list about the interview
3. Do any special content creation in preparation for the interview
4. Give out the size of my email list (if you have to ask, we’re probably not the most aligned match…)
5. We usually don’t love telesummits or summits in general but we’re willing to consider your invitation as long as we are free to promote in a way that is aligned for us (meaning please don’t try to dictate the minimum number of “solo emails” etc, that we have to send)
6. Become an affiliate of any program that I have not personally taken (but I’m happy to check it out and give it the green light!)

Spelling out these policies in advance just helps everything go much smoother, so we can focus on helping your audience in a way that works best for both of us!

If you’re cool with these policies, let us know via with all the details and we’ll set it up!