You’re spending HOW MUCH…?!?! 3 Golden Rules for Investing in YOU & your WORK

September 26, 2019


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Investment. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

Recently I became aware a client of mine had taken out a loan to work with me. I was (initially, for about 2 solid minutes) shocked.

I felt guilty, worried and stress that someone would put themselves in financial stress to work with me.

And then… I realized the truth.

This is the soundest investment this woman could have made.

We all hold ideas about what it’s safe to invest in… and what’s not…

> A new car?
> 30-year loan for an apartment or house?
Sound investments you can happily discuss with friends & family.

But then one day you want to invest in YOU.
Your business.
Your ideas.
Your passions.
Your growth.
Suddenly this investment doesn’t seem so easy.
Your family/husband/parents are probably highly unsure (to put it politely).

It’s a risky business investing in YOURSELF.
Your WORK.

Not a lot of financial advisors would encourage you to take a loan or invest your money in these personal, entrepreneurial or passion-based endeavors.

And their fears feed on your own fears…
> Is it worth it?
> Will I see a return on my investment?
> Is this safe?

Many moons ago, when my business was beginning to grow I knew two things:

  1. I was fully committed to actualizing this vision – I would ABSOLUTELY do what it takes
  2. This vision required investment

I wasn’t going to learn the skills to be an epic coach OR the skills to be an amazing entrepreneur without training, support, mentoring & INVESTING.

Up to this day, I am still investing in training, skills, mentoring & upgrades. And I hope I always will be because it’s part of expansion & growth & challenge that I so love about being a coach & entrepreneur

The investments I’ve made as a woman & a coach have (and likely will again) stretch me.

I’ve done things that seemed (to a ‘normal’ person) risky AF.
I’ve sold the property to invest in my business.
I’ve maxed out credit cards.
I’ve spent amounts of money that stagger friends.

But I back myself. My vision.
I am willing to put my money where my belief is.

Not because I’m sure I’ll be successful.
Any moment the goddess of destruction could bring this all crashing down.

Rather I invest because this is what I place value on in life.

If I don’t say YES now, then what other option do I have….?
To stay small, unsure, fearful of my own potential? #nothankyou

Plus, I know the return on investment (ROI) will be worth it.

Success to me is measured in

In a Feminine Economy, profit is not our only measure of success.

Naturally, money is essential.
Investing in my work has yielded the faster ROI I could have hoped for…


Recently my partner & I purchased a family home with bush views. A big chunk of our deposit came straight from my business (paid to me as a bonus). #winning

Years ago when I left my day-job my deepest worry & longest consideration was the loss of my maternity leave (Australia has an amazing paid maternity system).

At that time I wasn’t sure if I, as an entrepreneur, I could pay my own maternity benefits (despite being single at the time with few romantic prospects on the horizon).

There is so much uncertainty in being an entrepreneur. Especially if we want to leave behind the masculine economy to make way for models of working that center feminine economics.

So will I stay in a job I hate for another 3-5years just to ensure my maternity leave benefits?
Or will I risk it all, back myself, and trust that I can pay me my own maternity wages?
(in case your curious – I choose option #2 and paid myself a full 3+months of maternity leave with ease)

No one else is going to encourage you to spend money on YOU or your WORK.
Our societal conditioning is far too narrow-minded.
But you can choose you.
In fact, you’re the only one who can.

Golden Rules for Investing

Some tips & rules for investing….

1. Make sure the mentor/training you’re considering holds the same values as you

For example, there’s a big difference between…
a. Hustle your heart out and then you can receive success


b. Success is easy when we let it flow

You know who you are.
Choose a mentoring/training to match.

2. Don’t buy more until you’ve ‘Completed’ what you’ve got

This rule is ESSENTIAL!!! In this consumeristic world, it’s easy to hit the BUY button.

But theory is just more information/data until it’s metabolized and EMBODIED.

This golden rule suggests that you’re not allowed to buy the ‘next thing’ until you’re finished with the last one you bought #sohard!

This might mean either:
a) Implementing the training/program/investment you’ve already made or
b) Consciously deciding it’s not relevant/necessary & no longer needs your attention

Honestly, I don’t finish every book I buy or every program I purchase. But I start it, and I have a go & I get really honest with myself (am I just being lazy/in resistance here or is this really not for me at this time?).

Then I choose to COMPLETE it.

I might not have ‘done all the work’ but if I’m finished & I’m through it’s completed. Which means now I’m free to buy the next thing 😉

This golden rule means there is NOT a stack of unread books beside my bed (though I often wish there was!). It means my money stays IN my account until I’m really really sure I want something.

It’s the exact opposite of bright-shiny-thing-syndrome.

3. Get clear on what YOU need then find the training for it

Everyone will try & tell you what you need. What the next 6-steps or formula for success will be. But your path is your own. You don’t need to copy another model or become a mini-version-of-them to be successful.

We’re much better looking at this Q… What’s specifically not working right now?

Recently I was on the hunt for my next mentor (well, to be honest, I’m ALWAYS looking for someone who is a match as potent mentors are few & far between!) so I stopped to consider what I really needed.

I could be…

  • Optimizing my SEO
  • Expanding our marketing strategies
  • Making my Instagram prettier
  • Or a million other things

But instead of you telling me what I should be doing next, & instead of prioritizing what I “should” be doing… let me first consider what problem is right in front of me that I don’t seem to be able to fix or move past myself?

For me, it’s often a case of an internal upgrade in what beliefs & possibilities I’m embodying. This is where most of my energy & time is spent investing in my work. From this depth I find the ‘how’ tends to sort itself out.

Success can be simple when we are holding the full potent of our value, worth & worth.

So as you look to invest in whatever your next wild/crazy/expansive upgrade is, as unconventional as it might seem to those around you… Know that as a fellow woman who demands depth & entrepreneur I’m right there cheering you on!

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