Is embodiment self-centered & narcissistic?

April 4, 2019


The self-development space is increasingly making me hot & bothered.

In many ways, it’s so self-centered, even narcissistic at times.

We’re all here “doing the work” on ourselves.
But how many of us are actually doing work for our fellow human beings or the planet?

As someone who teachers & coaches in the personal-development space, it’s an uncomfortable question for me to sit with.

When I look at the humans around me who are doing amazing work in the world – women who are changing laws & disruption systems of oppression & living a life without plastic – I’m inspired to add my contribution to the mix.

I believe we all have a responsibility to be the best human we can be.

To me that means:

#1 Learn the skills to reduce your suffering & increase your enjoyment of this amazing life. I’ve chosen the skills of embodiment as my vehicle for this purpose.

#2 But don’t let your “contribution to the planet” end there. Take the emotionally empowered, sensually alive woman you are constantly becoming & make a contribution to whatever you’re most passionate about.

I’m navigating my way with #2, my contribution. I believe it’s an ongoing journey.

But I’ve honestly, hand on heart, really got my shit sorted with #1, my own personal mastery as a woman. I’m nowhere near perfect, and I don’t aspire to be. I’m human & sometimes do/say/decide some pretty fucked up things.

But I have the skills to navigate life as a successful human being – & today I’d love to share those skills with you.

In a few days, we begin the FREE Feminine Fuel 5 Day Embodiment Challenge. I’ve taken the key teachings from our Embodied Woman Program which opens for enrolment soon and condensed them into a juicy as fuck experience.

Each day of the challenge you’ll receive:
+ 10-12min audio of key theory & embodied philosophy to set you up for
+ A movement or actions based challenge that WILL challenge you

This is about exploring new embodiment practices. Ways of moving your body that might not be normal or habituate for you. And letting the ripples of your embodiment of this feminine fuel ride out into the world around you.

If you haven’t yet joined us, you have just 2 days left to do so.
Click here to RSVP for the 5 Day Challenge

2 Comments on “Is embodiment self-centered & narcissistic?”

  1. I 100% appreciate the points and the comments made at the top of this blog. Grounded and integrated spirituality is so important, otherwise your the wounded healer and that’s not helping anyone. I believe there are so many different ways that we can contribute, be that advocating for the environment or sharing your skills as a talented hairdresser. We are all capable of learning the skills necessary to reduce our suffering and live with more enjoyment and to be that and share that in a variety of ways. It’s about being a good person and yes, having your shit together. Love your words Jenna.

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