Living + Working in Bali

February 19, 2016


Over the past few weeks I’ve been receiving a lot of love notes asking what life is like in Bali.

Where are you living?
Are you working?
Who are you spending you time with?

So I thought I would pen this blog about how living + I’m running a location independent biz in tropical Bali!

I live in the Village of Ubud – the organic-tofu yoga-centric healing-hub of Bali. In Ubud cacao parties, ecstatic dance + dinner conversations about tantra are the norm….

Spiritual healers + Yoga teacher training’s are literally on every corner. There is an amazing amount of permission to just be who you are – really anything goes.

Ubud in Indonesian means “medicine”, and somehow it’s become a center for seekers trying to find themselves + digital nomads running creative businesses.

In a nutshell I’m half way between these two camps – running an online biz while also practicing the art of loving + living more and more as my authentic sensual self.

All this new age spiritual + biz is underpinned by an incredibly devotional + beautiful community of Balinese who celebrate their Hindu religion like it’s going out of fashion. But it makes them one of the most friendly, warm + sincere nationalities I’ve ever met.

Truly an honour to share their gorgeous town + witness ceremonies like this one going on…


Over the past few months I’ve been transitioning into a 100% online business. This means my studio in Brisbane no longer exists + I’m no longer offering once-off Kinesiology sessions.

The decision to change was a slow one, and one that I resisted for a while.


Taking my business 100% online felt risky, and yet for months I was unable to reconcile the sense of servitude I felt being location-dependent.

Something within me was restless + unwilling to let the next chapter of my life commence until I stepped up and valued myself.

Within my work, my life + my relationships there was a sense of lack-of-clarity and a felling that I hadn’t quite arrived living in the way I was.

It was time for some radical truth. As I allowed myself to embody the feelings of not-quite-there-yet my heart had the answer.

The truth was I had to choose myself. I had to back myself.

I had to prioritise my desire for freedom above all else…

… above the safety of my in-person practice
… above the security of the known
… and most of all above the approval of those around me

Once I told the truth to myself, once I let myself choose my desires + make take actions aligned with them out in the world everything began to fall into place.

Which means that currently, the only way to work with me is through Private Mentoring, or my Embodiment Academy, which is opening for enrollment soon.

With this location independence has come such freedom! And so work happens everywhere and anywhere….

In Ubud there are some great co-working spaces where I’ve worked from as well as I’ve met oodles of amazing entrepreneurs (think everything from Swiss Jewellery Designers to Dutch Web Designers).

Work wise – my Monday to Thursday usually starts with some creative writing in nature, then an afternoon of getting-sh*t-done at a co-working space.


I live in my own private villa facing the jungle. It’s surrounded by lush sounds, butterflies and rice patties.

Everything I need is within a 5-minute scooter ride – delicious food (my favourite is Sage), yoga classes (currently at Yoga Barn) + raw chocolate by these guys (keeps me grounded!)


Ubud feels like the ex-pat center of the universe so during the week there are oodles of amazing women (and men) to meet up with.

Dinner parties, mixers + drink dates are a regular on my calendar.

There are a few amazing Facebook group’s that I’ve met these women through (like this one and this one), but co-working drinks are also a sure fire way to find your people.

Then come the weekend I’m off.

I’ve been taking a trip outside Ubud every weekend – scuba diving at Amed, relaxing by the beach at Nusa Lembongan. Bali has so many hidden treasures that I’m intent on finding. Including surfing lessons starting this weekend!

Designing a lifestyle on my terms has been one of the most liberating changes I’ve made.

Because every day I wake up + know that I’ve chosen this experience.

Though the one thing I’ve dearly missed are my sister souls – the women who have celebrated, danced, cried + supported me throughout my life. Just last week my body was speaking to me with symptoms of an ear ache, which was energetically underpinned by a deep sadness at having left these relationships behind.

But love is never far away when we choose to open our heart, ask for what we need + receive all the riches we deserve.

After sharing my loneliness over on my Facebook page, oodles of support came flooding my way + I even had the good fortune to call in a new sister soul or two here in Ubud!

The last question I’ve been regularly asked is – how long will you stay?

To that I don’t have the answer (yet). But I do feel Portugal calling….

Thanks so much for reading beauty. It’s an honour to be able to share this experience with you + I’m so grateful for you to read.

If you have a question post me a comment!

And I would love to hear if running a location independent biz is something that turns you on?

8 Comments on “Living + Working in Bali”

  1. Wow Jenna, how amazing!!! I envy your adventurous spirit and ability to take advantage of your opportunity to go and explore. Wishing you much love. Have an amazing time!!!!

  2. Love this Jenna! So beautiful of you to share. I’ll be traveling solo to Ubud in April for a week so I would love to catch up – a spot of yoga and some raw chocolate could very much be on the cards! So happy for you xx

  3. Thanks so much for that post Jenna! Ubud has been calling me for quite some time now and it’s great to see you went through it all! Good luck X

    • It’s a magic kind of place Nadia – without doubt! Choose your freedom beauty, whatever that looks like for you x

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