The Feminine Leadership Mastermind is a 9month experience of consistent calibration to your most fully actualized, magnetic state in business (& life).

Fully actualized & embodied leadership. A virtual & intimate 9month journey.

Have you noticed that in business we can develop the most subtle, sophisticated ways of evading our potential? The longer I play the entrepreneur game (my first paying client was in 2012) the more I realize how much MORE potential I have. And perhaps, like you, I’m hungry to fully actualize it.

At every turn, in every decision, in every moment as an entrepreneur…
… from how we manage our money
… package our offers
… express our work
… or call in our clients
We can either be treading water/getting by OR actualizing the full potential of our leadership.

I vote the latter – Fully actualized & embodied leadership.
Naturally, done in ways that feel good & nourish to my deeply sensitive, intuitive feminine side.


The challenge most women who desire fully actualized leadership face is 2-fold…

1. All the feels, all the time

As a sensitive, deeply feeling and/or intuitive creature you probably get in your own way far more often than not (I feel you!).

It’s so incredibly easy to lose our way in the ever-evolving inner dynamic of doing our work. I believe it’s honestly a big part of why we’re drawn to this work – for the growth, challenge & expansion it offers.

But that doesn’t make it easy. And there’s only so much vigilance you can hold around the increasingly subtle & sophisticated evasive strategies we create that challenge our heart so deeply.

2. lost & overwhelmed in the masculine doing

On the flip side, there’s also a shit ton that needs to be done to move your work forward. And it’s easy to fall into the trap of expecting those practical steps to create our success.

We think if we just create a little more content, or get a little more structure in place it will tip the scales.

Yet investing our own personal life force down the never-ending-drain-of-things-that-need-to-be-done is a recipe for creating a business that wants you to sacrifice another arm, leg & adrenal gland to stay alive.

I’d like to suggest the solution is…

Calibration. Depth first, doing second. 

The principles of feminine leadership, rooted in a feminine economy, believes that our masculine doing needs to be coupled with a feminine depth that knows, you, your skills, your offers & the essence of what you sell is more than enough. 

From that place, the doing has depth & the masculine is anchored into unlimited feminine fuel.

It’s utterly magnetic. I know these principles work because I’ve used them in my own work to build a business with a team of 8 (all of whom work part time, myself included). Also, perhaps more important, past participants of the mastermind tell me this works…

The Feminine Leadership mastermind has been a potent, magic, transformative and life changing experience. Jenna has a knack for breaking down complex topics into bite size chunks that you can digest and most importantly integrate into your life.

We covered business topics yes, but these were grounded in the juicy principles of what it means to be a feminine leader in a feminine economy. Jenna was able to support each of us in the mastermind and encourage us to embrace our own unique and individual magic. Being in this experience with other like-minded women has been a bonus gift because let’s face it, we’re not here to journey the path alone and having soul sisters on your side makes the journey SO much sweeter.

- 2019 Mastermind Participant

“I love the combination of learning, mentoring and the deep support we are all giving and receiving.
Seriously, our calls are the highlight of my week and knowing that I have our supportive circle of likeminded sisters is everything to me right now.”

- 2019 Mastermind Participant

“The content of the teaching calls as been so potent, timely and EXACTLY what I’ve wanted/needed to explore.”

- 2019 Mastermind

“What I’ve loved most about the FLMM so far has been that it’s been really supportive for my goal this year to step into being a leader myself. Having Jenna as a mentor gives a beautiful transmission and she is also very good at showing her humanness which is very supportive when upleveling myself. I learn so much every time we have a teaching call and that’s because Jenna has a unique way to dissect and present hard facts combined with ancient body wisdom.”

- 2019 Mastermind Participant

The Feminine Leadership Mastermind is a live, virtual & intimate, 9month journey of calibrating to your most fully actualized, magnetic state in business (& life).

Use this Checklist to see if you’re in the right place…

(Even though you’re probably already feeling it…)


+ Looking to 2020 as a big growth phase for your work
+ A coach, creative, practitioner, healer, leader or service based entrepreneur
+ Clear on what your skills & gifts are (even if they are still deepening in potency)
+ Already selling & bring in $$
+ Ready to move your creative projects & offers forward in bigger & bolder ways
+ Looking to take the most direct path of upgrade as a resourced & supported woman (rather than take the slow, long way around)


+ To step more fully into your unique genius (& out of your zone of safety)
+ Support formulating & staying accountable to the practical steps forward (not secretly evading yourself)
+ To make more money (with more ease)
+ To manage your money (& pay yourself a wage) like a boss
+ For your expression to expand & your visibility to ripple wider
+ To evolve your leadership & work in socially just ways
+ A mentor & cheerleader who trust that you already know the most powerful path for your work
+ A circle of sisterhood & women who will take care of your heart & your beautiful vulnerability


– You don’t want to dive into the messy, vulnerable human dimension of being a leader
– You haven’t yet had paying clients
– You are looking for business 101 support. While there will absolutely be strategic-know-how & discussion of the mechanics of doing business, you should know how to bring in your basic bread & butter clients already
– You want to learn to become a coach or practitioner (see this program for coaching skills)
– You just want to duplicate my business model (don’t bother, it won’t work because you have your own unique path inside of YOU & it doesn’t require you to become a mini-me/mini-anyone)


Got that excited-like-a-kid feeling? (We do too. This experience is going to be amazing.)

To find out more & apply please complete the application form (this will take at least 10min) below & we’ll be in touch via email!
For questions or support reach out to support@jennaward.co

What’s Included in the Mastermind?

Bonus 2020 Goal Planning & Money 2hr Workshop. In December 2019 we come together for some serious preparation, priming & getting clear on your plans, goals, money & desire for the year ahead. This is a practice you’ll take away to do every year going forward, it’s that critical.

Live 3 Day Retreat! We come together beachside in February 2020 at Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Australia

9 months of live Masterminding from January-October 2020 including   
+ Monthly 90min Group Teaching Calls
+ Monthly 90min Group Q&A Calls
+ Monthly 90min Small Group Hot Seat Coaching Calls

Feminine Leadership Teaching. Exploration & application of Feminine Leadership principles including: How to work with the Feminine Economy, Magnetism, Money Management, Energetic Dynamics of your Work, Expression & Visibility, Liberated & Socially Just Leadership, Crafting Compelling Offers, Sales, Money Management

Monthly Magnetism Practices. Harness the focus & energy of this space to super-charge your projects & offers with a monthly magnetism group session including Q&A

Small Group Support Circles & Facebook Group. Connect with peers & likeminded women for all the support & cheerleading you could hope for.


If you desire to consistently & continuously move your work forward, then you will forever be investing in entrepreneurial skills, trainings & upgrades.

This is a fact. BUT equally as important is the fact that…

More knowledge, facts & strategies won’t work if the leader you are being in your business isn’t drawing on her full gifts, resources & feminine fuel.

The investment for this 9month Mastermind is in the 5-figures (meaning >$10,000).
Payment plans are available.

Got that excited-like-a-kid feeling? (We do too. This experience is going to be amazing.)

To find out more & apply please complete the application form (this will take at least 10min) below & we’ll be in touch via email!
For questions or support reach out to support@jennaward.co


+ How do I know that Jenna has created genuine ‘success’ in her work & can help me do the same?

This is a really smart question. I’m really happy you asked it. A lot of people promise the world, while not having actualized results themselves. Very uncool.

I believe it’s critical that a mentor holds the codes, values & possibilities that you are discovering & embodying yourself.

I suggest you decide what your important markers of success are & then see if I’ve already spoken to them. If I haven’t yet addressed them, make sure you hit me up & ask me (you’ll have the chance to do this when you apply). It’s 100% okay for you to ask me the ‘hard questions’ so that I can demonstrate if I do hold the codes, values & possibilities you desire.

+ What is the cost of this program & do you have payment plans?

Depending on when you enrol, & if we’ve worked/played together before, the investment for this 9month Mastermind is in the 5-figures (meaning >$10,000)

Payment plans are available. For exact figures please apply here & we’ll be in touch

+ Is the cost of the retreat included in the investment?

Our 3 day live retreat at Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia will be held in February 2020. Noosa is approximately 2 hours north of Brisbane, Australia which is also the closest international airport. Exact dates & locations are provided when you enroll.

Included in the cost of the mastermind is:
+ The full retreat program (Thursday afternoon – Sunday morning)
+ All meals & snacks
+ All activities (eg. yoga)

The following is not included in the cost of the Mastermind:
+ The cost of travel (air-fairs, transfers, getting there)
+ Accommodation is not included, but options exist to stay at-the-retreat-venue & details will be provided when you enroll.

+ What if I can’t make it to the live retreat?

All possible sessions during the live 3-day retreat in February will be recorded (audio) & made available for those mastermind’ers who can’t join us live.

+ How much time will I need to fully participate in this program? 

The idea is that the feminine leadership principles & practices of our mastermind infiltrates & consistently upgrades the way you work – priceless.

In terms of contact hours we’ll have 3 live 90min calls per month together + 1-2 hours of practices & check-in’s. In total 6 hours/month.

+ Will the calls suit my time zone? And what if I can’t make them live? 

We’ve got you covered. In 2019 our Mastermind had women across 3 different continents so we know how to be flexible 😉
We adjust the times of the live calls to suit a variety of time zones & provide multiple time options for the hot seat coaching calls so you can choose one that works for you. If you can’t make a call live the recording is always available to listen or watch back within 24hrs in our call archive.

+ I’ve been a student of the School of Embodied Arts/client of Jenna’s before, will I be eligible for a past-student discount?

We frekin love to play with past students again & again so YES, you most likely will be eligible for some kind of past-student deal!

For exact figures please apply here & we’ll be in touch.

+ I have another question...

Great. Get in touch with support@jennaward.co & we’ll happily answer it!

Got that excited-like-a-kid feeling? (We do too. This experience is going to be amazing.)

To find out more & apply please complete the application form (this will take at least 10min) below & we’ll be in touch via email!


For questions or support reach out to support@jennaward.co