My 3 Favourite Feminine Books & 2021 Reflections

December 19, 2021


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My 3 Favourite Feminine Books

It’s December & the days are getting shorter, the nights colder. Holiday seasons are the time I love to escape into a book. I have 3 great feminine books to recommend this year. These books have nourished, spoken to my feminine heart & given me so much to contemplate.

2021 Reflections

As we wrap this calendar year it’s also a natural time for reflection. While this hyper-masculine world would have us rush forward to set intentions & go-go-go (always rushing forward)…

I’m instead sitting in the reflection of:

  • Who have I become this year?
  • What do I want to witness & celebrate in myself as woman?

At the beginning of the year I was in a new land, starting a new chapter of leadership.

A chapter that expressed more clearly how the feminist & social justice lenses I had been refining through studies & contemplation intersected with feminine embodiment.

This chapter lead to more study, hosting a conference & filtered through strongly to Season 4 (the current season) of our podcast.

It has deepened my analysis of internalized structures of disempowerment, and further strengthened my conviction of the important of embodiment as a skill to help me/women navigate the complexities of creating a different future.

It’s curious to me that as this year wraps, I find this chapter winding down.

On the podcast today I’m sharing some reflections on the trainings I undertook in the field, what I’ve been learning as a teacher about embodied feminism & social justice and how that’s worked it’s way into our school.

I’m also sharing some personal reflections on what’s next on my spiritual unravelling & how that’s impacting the podcast in 2022.

So, I invite you to join me on this final podcast of the year where I’m reflecting on:

  • What I’ve been learning as a teacher about embodied feminism & social justice and how that’s worked it’s way into our school
  • What’s next on my spiritual unravelling
  • What’s coming on the podcast in 2022 (Season 5)
  • My top feminine 3 books from 2021

I hope you receive the space to reflect on your year & land more fully in who you’ve become. It’s something to witness & celebrate.

Mary Magdalene Revealed: The First Apostle, Her Feminist Gospel & The Christianity We Haven’t Tried Yet 

by Meggan Watterson

While on a holiday in the South of France I stumbled across a post from Elizabeth Dialto on her top recommendations for books about Mary Magdalene. Being raised a Christian I’d never hear of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene nor really seen a celebration of women or the feminine through their teachings.

I was used to the story of “our father” (no mention of the mother), the concept of our “sinful flesh” (which is something to be ashamed of & thus dis-embodied) yet… I was hungry to find some perspective to this faith that I could hold true. Call it synchronicity but the region I was in (South of France) was the place Mary fled to after the death of Jesus. I’m not sure I can consider it a pilgrimage – but the timing was divine & the perspectives Meggan Watterson shares on Mary’s Gospel were so close to my heart. Highly recommend it to anyone with a Christian ancestry & a feminine heart.

Wintering: The Power Of Rest & Retreat In Difficult Times  

By Katherine May

As the sun retreated & the days turned colder I was feeling despondent about the approach of another Dutch winter, until I read this book. Wintering is a reflection on the beauty of the colder seasons… and of finding ways to navigate our own heavy, internal-seasons of winter.

Earlier this year I podcasted on navigating my own inner-season of winter & shortly after this book was mentioned on the instagram of one of our coaching participants (thanks @thekatelynsteven). If you’re new to a cold climate, want to see winter through a warmer lens or navigating your own inner season of winter this is a book for you.

If Women Rose Rooted: A life changing journey to authenticity and belonging

by Sharon Blackie

A year of feeling homesick & searching for deeper connection in land that isn’t my own (which is a complex statement) has left exploring the legacy of my ancestors. What is the wisdom of women that is my heritage? How might I know it more, inhabit it fully, let it hold me & infuse my now with meaning? Being a white woman living in Australia, with ancestory from all over Europe, it’s not an easy question to answer. Rather a tapestry of complex weavings that I’m curious to unravel.

This book is a beautiful exploration of the eco-heroine’s journey for any woman in a phase of spiritual seeking. It blends together celtic wisdom and stories in moving ways that bring insights by the page.


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