Why we need to stop healing ourselves: A new paradigm for authentic modern spiritual woman

July 18, 2019


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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of blocks, fears or resistances that arise as you step towards your dreams?

The reoccurrence of doubt, lack, fear + criticism that you experience within, starts you thinking, “I’ve just got so much work to do on myself!”

If you’ve ever felt discouraged by the never-ending cycle of healing that you seem to find yourself in – realize woman, you are not alone…

This challenge, that there is so much more work to do on yourself and so much further to go, is one of the greatest challenges facing spiritual women at this time on our planet.

Yet this challenge is also the exact reason we continue to remain STUCK.

In spiritual circles we see/read/are sold that…

  • Once you heal this chakra, you’ll be able to stand in your power
  • Once this childhood wound is healed, you’ll connect with your confidence
  • Once you heal this resistance, you will arrive

This focus on healing is based on such good intent.

Yet the fact remains that focus is HEALING.

It’s essential to realize that HEALING is not the essence of an embodied spiritual woman.

HEALING is not the point of your life.

Because you are not broken, woman.

You do not need to be fixed.

At this time we are experiencing an epidemic of spiritual women who are hiding behind their healing.

Collectively, HEALING is a device that many of us use to avoid stepping into our power + our brilliance.

If you’ve told yourself…

  • Once I figure out my purpose, I’ll be happy
  • Once I lose some weight + tone up, I’ll feel sensual
  • Once I am more confident, I can share my work with the world
  • Once I am clear about what my gifts are, I can sell them to the world
  • Once I realize myself through this biz/relationship, I will arrive

…then it’s possible that healing is holding you back.

These stories we tell ourselves, that I once told myself, do not serve us.

Because these stories reinforce the belief that as we are, we are not enough.

These stories covertly reinforce that we must heal, in order to become better/worthier/more confident/enough, and that we must heal in order for us to truly arrive.

The modern spiritual woman is being asked to adjust her focus.

To acknowledge that yes, healing + moving through resistance is essential. But it is not the point of a spiritual life.

The point of a spiritual life is to embody the truth that you are enough, that you are worthy of love exactly as you are. Imperfectly, perfect. It’s your time to step up and be enough.

It’s time to make choices that reflect your true value.

It’s the time to live, with every cell in your being, in a way that reflects your worth.

It’s time to focus on EXPANDING into the woman your soul is longing you to be.

The modern spiritual woman is being asked to authentically embody her enoughness. To embrace her imperfections, to love her resistances + to realize that she is whole.

Jenna Ward

When our awareness shifts from the energy of HEALING into the liberation of EXPANDING, a new paradigm opens up.

A paradigm where:

  • It is no longer authentic for us to hide behind our healing.
  • It is no longer aligned for us to stay stuck in disbelief.
  • It no longer serves us to continue to act as if we are broken.

For many years I lived in a world where healing was my focus. Where ‘getting to’ the perfect state of health, clarity + confidence was the goal. Because once I ‘arrived’ there, I would be enough to take the next step.

This paradigm kept me STUCK for many, many years. I was focusing on all the parts of me that were broken. Spending time and energy and money trying to heal using spiritual + holistic tools – instead of just getting to the truth of the matter.

The truth is, that I wasn’t broken, that I was already enough. I chose to start believing and living this truth.

I started making decisions that reflected this truth. When that happened, when I embodied my enoughness, magic happened in every area of my life. My relationships deepened, my work expanded, my bliss doubled. I was enough + I was EXPANDING in the world from that truth (not from a place of healing).

Placing the focus on our EXPANSION is the path to liberation.

Because expansion acknowledges that yes, resistance/fear/doubt/blocks will come up along the way. This is only natural. You are human.

But the resistance/fear/doubt/blocks don’t make you broken. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with you. They are simply signs you are expanding into something new. Something that your mind/ego hasn’t dealt with before + is adjusting to.

An embodied woman learns to embrace + love the tender parts of her that are calling for attention. Those resistances/fears/doubts/blocks just want to be acknowledged + loved, and then you are free to continue in your EXPANSION.

When your focus continues to remain upon EXPANSION, you move through the resistance, with such ease – because you already know, within your body + soul, that you are enough, that you are perfect – and that this resistance/block/fear is merely part of your human experience, merging into great alignment with your soul.

The medicine that we, as a collective need to embody right now is the medicine of EXPANSION.

Where our focus + commitment turns to expand into our full potential.

When our focus settles on expansion, we acknowledge the inevitability of our brilliance. Because if you believe in you, if you choose to back you, then your success is assured.

Imperfectly perfect, you are enough exactly as you are.

Allowing yourself to EMBODY this truth, is the highest calling of your life.

Ready to put this into practice? Download the free Feminine Magnetism Map and out of your head & into your body in the most authentic, embodied & delicious way.


With love,


19 Comments on “Why we need to stop healing ourselves: A new paradigm for authentic modern spiritual woman”

  1. Thank you so much! This so resonates with me! Being stuck in trying to get healed can stop us from living and enjoying life! I love the word expansion too. And that we are enough, right now!

  2. Thank you so much for this post!! You’ve put your finger right on all of the things that make me resistant to self help. I never knew how to word it, but the feeling of not enough is just right.
    Thank you!!

  3. I have long since ‘thought’ that the notion that we need to heal, bypasses the truth that
    we are already whole. To ‘realise’ beyond this thought is key to expansion~ the only thing I find myself reflecting on within your words is ‘is there anything that the mind /ego has to ‘deal’ with?
    ~ when heart acceptance of all this is, for me, the gem ……….

    a brilliant article. thank you.

    • Thank you Susa! Bringing all of our 4 dimensions into alignment (including mind/ego) is the embodiment – whole integration of this essential truth is the magic. Thank you so much for reading x Jenna

  4. Wow! Your blog says it all ! We have to live it in this moment … You have inspired me to value myself worth x thank you

  5. You nailed it on the head here. My feeds are full of courses for abundance and spiritual growth… Making me think that obviously, I’m completely bereft of getting my life on track…instead of accepting that where I’m at right now is just fine, that it’s exactly where I’m meant to be.

    • Perfectly imperfect you are enough as you are. Learning to EMBODY this truth is the magic of awakened women right now – integrating it through all our 4 key bodies (energy, emotions, beliefs + body) is the need of the world right now. Amen Alyssa!

  6. During a depressive breakdown I had this realisation; “I’m never going to be any better than I am right now” and I was really in the depths of despair and self loathing but it was like a huge weight lifted and the pressure to be better, be healed, be something more was gone. And I can now learn to love myself as I am rather than waiting until I’ve become enough.

  7. I randomly came across this article right when I needed it the most, in the midst of utter despair and staring into the abyss of my ‘self-improvement journey’! From the depths of my Soul and heart: Thank you.
    Blessed be

  8. Thank you for speaking the words that have been so stuck in my throat for years. I am finding such amazing nuggets of wisdom in this piece. Thank you, thank you!!! i feel i’m going to come back to this often for reference and reverence. xo

  9. Jenna, I can’t thank you enough for this article. A few weeks ago, I decided to stop reading self-help books, as I realised that I was constantly looking for what was wrong with me and how I could fix myself (it’s exhausting!). I’m feeling a lot more grounded as a result, and a lot more in tune with my intuition. Thank you, again! x

  10. I’m sitting with this as I’m working on and through my stuff, recognizing that the common denominator is me, while at the same time not able to shift. My whole life I’ve been told that I’m too much, so I definitely feel that I am more than enough (haha), and I’d like more ease and flow. I downloaded the map. Thank you.

  11. You just changed a lot for me. This is poignant for me because, first off, I just might be one of those healing-focused teachers you talk about. Luckily I haven’t been going at it long enough for any damage to be irreparable, but I will be sure to emphasize the importance of looking at all self-healing through the lens of love for yourself as-you-are-now at my next workshop. In my opinion, it is important to allow yourself to continue looking towards the future in hope for a clearer view. However, if you forget that the only real thing is what exists exactly in this moment, your love becomes focused on things or images of yourself in the future. This only perpetuates the feeling of despondence and depravity that I have been feeling for the past few weeks. So, thank you.

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