A weekly feminine embodiment podcast about life, leadership & coaching with Jenna Ward

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This is what we need in this world! Jenna thank you so much for your work and sharing. Love love love this podcast and the pioneering you are doing in feminine embodiment coaching.” – Wild Jasmine

Adore it! So grateful for this view – the first two episodes alone have blown my heart & mind wide open to what I FELT was true… But you’ve put it so perfectly into words.” – Maree011


Emotionally empowered, sensually alive & magnetic women discuss how to live, lead, coach & embody more of their feminine nature with Feminine Embodiment Coach Jenna Ward. This podcast is for women who demand deep, vulnerable living.

To us the feminine so much more than floral skirts, love & light. It’s also about dark, messy, transformation & intimacy with all the currents of life that want to have their way with us.

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