“Jenna is a beautiful balance of being a powerful force, yet gentle and loving – there was not a moment that I didn’t feel safe or worthy of anything less than the best in her presence.

With the support of Jenna as my mentor, I was able to break through patterns that had intertwined their way through relationships and business, and have come out the other side with a level of confidence and clarity that I hadn’t known for years.”

Ruby Marsh
Coach, Speaker + Writer

“This woman is amazing and inspirational. I was so refreshed by her approach and her loving kindness. I’d had a tough few years and was looking for something innovative to really inspire me onwards, and Jenna’s program, was exactly what I needed.

By week 2, I was getting comments from friends that I was glowing and my partner suggested whatever I was doing don’t stop. My posture, confidence and how I held myself in the world was totally enhanced.

This program is so unique because it will benefit women of all walks of life regardless of what they are currently experiencing, whether business or personal stuff, whether struggling or just wanting to hone your self-knowledge and direction. Thanks Jenna, you rock lady. To distant shores + questioning every single belief I had held as true.”

Natalie Hill

“Jenna has that special kind of alchemy that pulls you, seductively, into the beating heart of your freedom. Working with her, I remember I’m a goddess who really can create whatever I desire, with speed and grace.

She’s helped me up-level and transform my life and business, in the most embodied, sensual and feminine way. She’s magic and the perfect mentor to help you unleash all sorts of wild wonder!”

Melissa Sandon
Soul Leader + Energy Medicine Teacher | www.melissasandon.com

I feel the practice was life changing for me.

I cant imagine this year, or the rest of myself without BEING in my BODY. It feels so delicious, good and truth to myself.  THANK YOU THANK YOU! 🙂 Love your work!

Eva Prudencio Vergara

“I’ve learned so much about myself since this course and I want to do it again. Jenna is absolutely thoughtful, insightful and soulful.

I love everything about this program. This is a necessary support tool for us to learn to be real and raw without judging ourselves.”

Lyn Myers

“Jenna’s intuitive nature and skilful expertise was able to dissolve patterns, clear pathways and allow me to tune into more of the true me.

This has enabled me to get unstuck and move forward within my career, health, happiness and life. For this, I am truly grateful!”

Bronwyn Olson

“Jenna creates a serene space with her presence.

So serene, you might think it’s effortless at first glance, but she backs it up with a great depth of knowledge and insight that has taken years of experience to bring her to where she is today.”

Kris Emery
Copyeditor + Writer | www.krisemery.com

“Words cannot express enough my gratitude in crossing your path and taking this journey. I feel so grateful! It has awakened sides of me that are now blossoming …what a gift! All I experienced through this program is now a part of who I am, and I am integrating it more and more… I see you as a gardener of souls, helping them flourish, and bringing them back to their full potential.”

Tatiana Pedrotti

“I feel like I have awoken on a deeper level. I sometimes know all the good things I should be doing with my health… but don’t always do them.

I thought if I sign up to this – would it just be another set of ‘tools’ that I don’t use? But Jenna’s information and engaging videos made everything so practical and real.

Jenna is so genuine you can’t help but smile at her presence. She is not only beautiful on the outside but radiates wisdom and gentleness from her own experiences.”

Caroline Bell

“The journey that Jenna has guided me through has been liberating, insightful, and has brought unexpected benefits over and above anything I could have anticipated. We took on a pretty big goal together and exceeded my wildest hopes.

My husband cannot stop staring at me with awe saying things like “my girl is back” and “whatever you’re doing, don’t stop” and “I crave being in the same room as you”.

My journey of learning about myself has only just started, but gosh, it’s a wonderful realisation to no longer worry about which ‘version’ of myself to present to the world … there are no versions, there is just me – the one, fundamental, me … and I like her! Thanks Jenna. You truly are a goddess sent to guide us goddesses in training.”

Deniese Cox

“I loved the community in this program. The conversations were lively and personal and most importantly, safe. The biggest change is that I feel like I have finally found my voice. The format was easily digestible and I was able to fit it in to my day.

Jenna well and truly exceeded my expectations for a group program – so much individual support.”

Emma Newby

“I found your training videos honest, raw + inspiring – I waited religiously for them to be released each week!

The coaching notes + practical activities were all insightful instruments for continuing the self work at my own pace. Because the whole package offers different mediums for communication + learning, it gave me the ability to stay in touch + make progress, but not feel overwhelmed.”

Katie Northam

“Jenna rocks the sh*t out of creating a sacred space and a sacred circle. In fact Jenna just rocks in general. Her guidance, wisdom and language like poetry allows all participants to immerse themselves in the experience and reach greater depths of personal knowing.

This is the perfect program to get you back in the driver’s seat of your life. It is as gentle as it is powerful and will really redirect you to being more of who you really are.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who feels like they are just drifting through life or have moved off their path. 10 out of 10.”

Lauren Jane

“There are so many of us who forget who we are, who put ourselves last and think we don’t deserve happiness.

Jenna’s program reminds us to connect to our soul, only tell the stories that serve our best interest and most importantly reminds us that we ARE good enough.

When we are living this truth the rest of life falls into place. Personally, I’ve cut toxic relationships out of my life AND don’t feel guilty about it! I’ve found ways to survive and thrive in stressful situations + I have learnt not to get overwhelmed by negative emotions, but instead feel them and ride through them.

I feel I have reconnected with my ‘self’ and am learning to forgive and love myself more and more each day,  which is bringing me a great deal of peace.”

Rebecca Davidson

“I had never done an online program before. I am not usually a fan because I enjoy being face to face and having personal interactions. The Embodied Woman program had me curious enough to sign up… so I did, not knowing if I would like it. I am Soooo happy I did!! Jenna creates an online space that is open, loving, thoughtful, supportive and deeply interactive. This program shone a light on the woman I had forgotten and how nourishing it is to connect with other women. This program has changed my life and my relationships… I feel myself participating in life again…MOST of all I am enjoying being a Mother again because I am full of knowing that I am enough.”

Ellen Nicholas
– Mother & Devotional Erotic Dance Teacher

“The embodied woman course exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t sure how much an online course would be able to impact my life but I was so wrong.

As you navigate through the modules, you feel like Jenna is right there holding your hand, cheering you on.

During the course I quit a job that I hated, ended a relationship that was no longer serving me and became fully visible in my own coaching business. This work is powerful!”

Hannah Morgan
Coach & Podcaster

“I originally read Jenna’s blog on ‘the closed heart’ and this resonated so much that I cried – it was me back then. I signed up to private mentoring and opened myself up fully to changing my heart, values and self-worth.

Jenna gets to the core and truth of your issues and helps navigate a way to better understanding and emotional connection with yourself and your world.

I feel a different person because of her mentoring and people notice. I am a work in progress but what an amazing start!”

Julia Bates
Pharmacist & young at heart (& much more sensual) 60 year old!!

“This program is absolutely amazing! As a closed up woman in many ways for a long long time, this has brought to light many aspects of how to be a more heart-felt,  driven person that I don’t know I could have ever achieved without doing this.

Jenna’s wisdom is so broad and is supportive in every way!

I had consciously and subconsciously been looking for ways to open myself up more, to more love, to more life, to more of myself, and this woman showed up in my life and completely changed my course and my way of thinking. And I also made some amazing new friends and mentors along the way within this program!”

Amanda Cotton

“Jenna holds you in your own responsibility to be the master of your own domain, helping you find your own treasure trove of wisdom, guidance and healing life force.”

Nicole Mathieson

“Jenna is amazing. Raw, honest, nurturing, real, passionate, desirable, sexy, wise and beautiful. I feel so honoured to be mentored by her. I feel my heart, ever so slowly, opening up and I’m honouring my own feminine power.”

Louise Phyland

“Embrace your inner beauty if you dare, I challenge all women, no matter how young or old, this is a journey not to be missed. As women we are already enough, however this life offers so much more and it is ours for the taking.”

Romina Lee

“I had a million juicy ideas of how to move forward in my life swirling around in my head. So many possibilities that I felt overwhelmed, didn’t know where to start, what order to do things in, or how to be most effective in my actions. A VIP day with Jenna helped me ground all my lofty dreams into a step by step, crystal clear and seriously exciting path of action. Jenna is the Queen of ‘work smart, not hard’.”

Holly Wodetzki
Founder of Devotional Erotic Dance

“I am so grateful that I found you, Jenna and that I listened to that little voice inside that told me to join the Embodied Woman program. Your honesty, rawness and constant support allowed me to get in touch with myself again; to be truthful, vulnerable, open & connected. The incredible program you have created as well as your passion, authenticity, beauty and wisdom are so inspiring. Thank you.”

Beth Cohen

“If there is one teaching that a woman should experience it is The Embodied Woman teaching. I feel a profound shift in how I relate and connect with myself and with others around me.

I experience life with so much more ease by practicing all the tools in this program.

Being an embodied woman is the only way for me to live my life. I don’t want it any other way”

Dian Rahmawati

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! So glad I found Jenna and this program. I can’t wait to finish and dig deeper. And hopefully join in again! Your work is so inspiring and, I believe, having a true ripple effect on women all over the world.”

The Embodied Woman Student

“Thank you for this program Jenna. I feel so much more connected to my body, myself and my surroundings than I was before. I use the techniques daily and life is feeling much richer, softer and more enjoyable as a result.”

The Embodied Woman student

“Integrity, brave, wise and pure embodied self-love are the words I use to describe Jenna.

I have met few women who are as courageous and committed to living, being and leading their soul’s truth. Whatever you do – work with her!”

Nicole Rowan Holt
Business + Marketing Coach

“Jenna Ward’s The Embodied Woman program is inspired and inspiring.

Women from all walks of life, with all types of hopes, dreams, and baggage, come together in the most divine way. My individual journey was filled with laughter, tears, new insights into old habits, and I found the powerful knowledge that “I am enough”. My relationship is flourishing. My career-enthusiasm has returned. I am somehow attracting amazing support and opportunities. I’ve learned to trust the journey and the journey is fabulous.”

The Embodied Woman student

“This program has the power to be truly life changing. I have loved every second of it & I cannot recommend this program or Jenna highly enough.”

Elle Talbot

“… and ever surprising, this program has substance and heart. Definitely worth taking the leap!”

Lisa, The Embodied Woman student

“Jenna is one of the most generous and genuine women I know, who lives her truth and helps others do it too.”

Michelle Wilde
Lawyer + Investor | www.stellaproperty.com.au

“I am literally mind blown… The results that I received from this were amazing.”

Anna Rova
Femininity & Embodiment Coach | www.girlskill.com

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