As a result of FECC I feel so much more positivity and enthusiasm in my life and for every aspect of my life – family, work, entrepreneurship, relationships. I had hesitations about my ability to cover the financial cost but followed by heart & now I literally feel like anything is possible. I feel steady, grounded, capable.

The course content and delivery is generous and supportive. So deep and thorough. The teaching team are authentic and inspiring embodied women who hold a clear and safe space for whatever shows up. All of me felt welcome. There have been very few spaces in my life where I felt sufficient patience, acceptance, and kindness to relax and be myself in a new way.

This course is an absolute gift to your soul and the collective up-leveling of humanity. If you are feeling the call, follow it boldly! You won’t be sorry.

Rachael Skyring

FECC was life-changing. It helped me understand my body and my emotions with greater depth and insight than ever before. Before coming to FECC I was numb and engulfed in grief and loss after losing my sister to cancer. The tools and the practices introduced were a catalyst for my healing – teaching me to embody this discomfort and find expression for it. Having this community and training alongside my support network (family, friends, therapist) was invaluable in this period of my life. Having access to these sensations has also brought me a greater understanding of the impact of Alopecia Areata on my life and assisted in bringing to light how I can work with other women with similar journeys.

Dominique Claire

Hanne Lina Drott

As a result of FECC I feel more energetically embodied. I’ve released the need for things to be perfect, I have more self-compassion & I’ve finally found my place. I feel totally aligned & part of such a richly supportive community. This program and the team is honestly so great.

Simone Turner

Kim McKewan

Anna Rova
Coach & Podcast Host / Holland

As a result of FECC, I feel excited and confident about starting my coaching career. Jenna is a wonderful, heart-led mentor, who shares her wisdom, knowledge, and experience to create a course full of thought-provoking, body provoking content that inspires long-lasting, self-determined change. The FECC is far more than learning how to coach, Jenna and her team support you to go on your own journey of embodied discovery, not only giving you the tools you need to coach, but also the integrity and authenticity of having walked the path your future clients will take.

Sarah Booth

I received a clear framework & structure for me to work in the field of embodiment. I feel totally confident of the knowledge I received which lands so true inside of me. I had the space to develop my journey of embodied practices to integrate this knowledge, but also to let more of my unique flavor out into a beautiful coaching job.

Rueida Muntasser

I feel so confident in my ability to coach and support transformation in other women’s lives. I feel held by a community of amazing women that are on the journey with me. I am so excited for what’s ahead, and the positive difference we will all be making in the world. I couldn’t thank Jenna and her incredible team enough, it was such a pleasure taking this course.

Jessica Staskiewicz

I was initially hesitant in my ability to commit the time and attention but I was totally satisfied with the content and the quality of the program. The connection with the community, my support group, the practices with peers is like traveling in time or to another location where we live in women’s circles in self-awareness, peace, love, bliss, pleasure, empowerment, and connection with ourselves, the environment, and each other. As a result of FECC, I feel connected to myself, to my essence, and to the wider community of amazing women around me.

Claudia Millbourne

A veil has been lifted from my eyes, I can see things so clearly now, especially who I am in the world. I am so aware of my words, actions, and body, I feel a new level of presence in all that I do. I feel I now have so many life tools that I will use with my clients and myself forever, it is so helpful to understand how our bodies work and how to work with our biology and nature. I feel that I have left the course wanting to push out more and more love in all that I do.

Molly Gibson

Alicia Bruce

I loved this certification. It has pulled things beautifully into tools and a format, and in the same moment still leaves a lot of room to move and bloom into your own flavor of coaching.

Sarah Blackman

I knew straight away this program was for me & the journey has been life changing. The feeling of accomplishment when you have held space for another woman (and she provides feedback) is so rewarding.

I have a much deeper understanding and connection to myself as a woman, and to that of the people around me. I have incorporated the teachings and learnings into daily aspects of my life and for this, I feel more embodied than ever before. To live, breathe, be fully present and feel the depths of what I feel is huge, but I could not imagine a life without it.

Romina Lee

“Jenna rocks the sh*t out of creating a sacred space and a sacred circle. In fact Jenna just rocks in general. Her guidance, wisdom and language like poetry allows all participants to immerse themselves in the experience and reach greater depths of personal knowing.

This is the perfect program to get you back in the driver’s seat of your life. It is as gentle as it is powerful and will really redirect you to being more of who you really are.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who feels like they are just drifting through life or have moved off their path. 10 out of 10.”

Lauren Jane

“This program is absolutely amazing! As a closed up woman in many ways for a long long time, this has brought to light many aspects of how to be a more heart-felt,  driven person that I don’t know I could have ever achieved without doing this.

Jenna’s wisdom is so broad and is supportive in every way!

I had consciously and subconsciously been looking for ways to open myself up more, to more love, to more life, to more of myself, and this woman showed up in my life and completely changed my course and my way of thinking. And I also made some amazing new friends and mentors along the way within this program!”

Amanda Cotton

Ines Bouyaqba

Before signing up to the coaching certification I had hesitations about investing my time and money into the program but I’m so glad that I listened to the call to sign up. From the self mastery work to the coaching skills I learned, I feel confident to coach others now. This program teaches you invaluable tools for yourself and for helping others too. I feel like the coaching certification delivered more than I could have imagined.

Pernille Powell

I loved everything about the program. I’ve loved the personal inquiry questions, encouraging personal mastery and digging deep into our own wounds and growth. I have loved my own transformation, but I equally have loved witnessing and being front and centre for others transformations, both students and my own clients. SOOOOOO REWARDING!

Renee Van Den Heuvel

“I had a million juicy ideas of how to move forward in my life swirling around in my head. So many possibilities that I felt overwhelmed, didn’t know where to start, what order to do things in, or how to be most effective in my actions. A VIP day with Jenna helped me ground all my lofty dreams into a step by step, crystal clear and seriously exciting path of action. Jenna is the Queen of ‘work smart, not hard’.”

Holly Wodetzki
Founder of Devotional Erotic Dance

Tara Hall

“Before doing the coaching certification, I had the heart to coach, now after completing the program, I feel grounded and confident with these tools. I feel like I can support my clients with integrity and really change the landscape of womanhood. The quality of the materials was amazing and I’m really impressed by the way the program was delivered. I found the structure of the program really supported me in not only coaching others but to understand myself better and overcome some ongoing patterns. After completing the program I’m embracing a feminine model of living and working. I feel like my emotional and energetic intelligence has sky-rocketed.”

Jessica Jordan

“This coaching certification is a very in-depth program with so much valuable content, amazing teachers and support. It’s enabled me to bring an element into my coaching (and life) that was missing. My sessions used to drain me, but now they flow more and I feel a sense of ease. So gratifying! I loved this program.”

Jenna Korf

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